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Choose the topic, lead the way, make the art, be the change

What is it?

That’s Powerful is a brand-new, community-building programme at The Playhouse. It is a suite of rights-based creative workshops. Groups are supported by trained facilitators to explore topics ranging from peace and reconciliation, to women’s rights and education; migrants and displaced people’s rights; classism, racism, disability, LGBTQ+ rights, and climate justice. 

That's Powerful works to cultivate creativity, nurture civic discourse and harness the power of the arts to amplify shared learning. 

Each ‘That’s Powerful’ Programme culminates in an artistic event, with groups supported by artists to amplify their message around their chosen topic. These events can take place in The Playhouse, in your locality or online, depending on the needs of your group. 


Who is it for?

That’s Powerful can be tailored to fit the needs of students, communities, residents and localities across the Island of Ireland. 

What does it do?

That’s Powerful provides participants understanding of real-life lived experiences, develops civic discourse around cultural and societal issues and nurtures abilities and skills in the creative arts. 

How does it work?

That’s Powerful recognises the nuanced needs of different communities, meaning each project can be tailored to suit the needs of your school or community group. The project can be outlined in the following four steps:

  • Initial workshop: Through a workshop on intersectionality, inclusion and interdependence in society participating groups select a topic(s) such as:
    • Human rights and access, such as: women’s rights and education; migrants and displaced people’s rights; classism, racism, disability, and LGBTQ+ rights.
    • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.
    • Sectarianism- post conflict resolution, peace and reconciliation.
    • Climate action and conservation
  • Workshop(s) on chosen topic: The Playhouse will then identify a facilitator skilled in your group’s chosen topic to work more closely with participants over a period of time.
    • The length of time will vary depending on the capacity of your group - it could be a half day session, or a meeting once a week for six months. 
  • Creative workshop(s): The group, along with their facilitator and support from The Playhouse, will then decide upon an art form/creative medium the group wish to use to explore their chosen topic and amplify their learnings
    • Creativity could span from cooking a meal, to writing a poem, to planting a tree, to producing an album or a fully staged production. No act is too small!
  • Celebration event: Depending on the needs of your group, an event is held to celebrate your group's creativity and inclusivity.
    • This could be a physical or digital event, held at The Playhouse, online or in the community depending on your group’s needs. 

Get involved!

Email to find out more about this project and sign up your group