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"It's really good to bring the communities together through art because we can express ourselves"
Young participant in The Playhouse Street Talk Project


Street Talk is a cross community art programme that engages groups of young people through exciting programmes of art workshops in a wide variety of art forms. 

The project enables young people to creatively address issues including youth justice, crime and the impact of crime, citizenship, identity and human rights and the rights of a child. 

·       Young people work with professional artists and learn a variety of skills, design their own pieces of artwork and organise their own showcase events.
·       The programme empowers young people to make positive life choices and helps to raise their aspirations by introducing them to the creative industries.
·       Young people explore positive pathways and progression routes into adulthood.
·       The programme also provides the opportunity for young people to undertake Open College Network courses including Young People and Youth Justice, and Crime Justice and Citizenship.

 Street Talk is in a new and exciting developmental stage, to add new elements to the programme.

We are hosting a programme of creative hands-on exploratory art and research projects.

The main areas of interest that we are further exploring with young people include;

·       Young people and human rights
·       Identity
·       New and emerging issues since COVID – 19 Lockdown


The Playhouse Street Talk Project is funded by BBC Children in Need and the Department of Foreign Affairs.

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