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Halloween Music
Northern Ireland Opera in partnership with The Playhouse presents


27th October 2023
Time: 20:00
Tickets: £20


Dark, magnificent music by two legendary composers – powerful themes of life and death at Halloween.

In ‘Songs and Dances of Death’ by Mussorgsky- baritone Brendan Collins plays Death, performing four songs where the devil relives his success in calling over four people to be with him and lose their lives.In ‘Kindertotenlieder’ by Mahler - a mother, performed by Margaret Bridge, sings of her love for her lost children in five songs.Tristan Russcher will be on piano.



Northern Ireland Opera in partnership with The Playhouse
Experience a set of six staged concerts in the round taking place between October 2023 and May 2024. From short opera, song cycles, cabaret to musical theatre from the golden age, each event will take you into a world of beautiful music, drama and emotion in the special, intimate surroundings of The Playhouse. 

All productions fully staged with singers in costume, accompanied by a pianist. 



Performed by Mezzo-soprano Margaret Bridge and pianist Tristan Russcher. A set of five songs based around the work of the poet Rückert written after the death of two of his children.

These songs explore the feelings and processes of grief and will be performed in German.

Baritone Brendan Collins and pianist Tristan Russcher perform Mussorgsky’s masterpiece, Songs and Dances of Death. This is a set of four songs: Lullaby, Serenade Trepak, and Field Marshall, each telling a story where Death is personified, appearing to four different people on the cusp of life and death, and will be performed in Russian.



The Salon Series is a new programme of short operas, art songs, cabaret, and music theatre performances staged in the round in locations around Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland Opera are presenting a wonderful series of events which will inspire and entertain our audiences through some exciting and spectacular performances.



Elle, La Voix Humaine
Mary McCabe

Pianist, La Voix Humaine
David Quigley

Soprano, Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
Wendy Ferguson

Pianist, Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
Ruth McGinley

Soprano, 'Sea Wrack'
Susie Gibbons

Mezzo Soprano 'Sea Wrack'
Jenny Bourke

Tenor 'Sea Wrack'
Michael Bell

Baritone 'Sea Wrack'
Seamus Brady

Pianist 'Sea Wrack'
Frasier Hickland

Vocalist 'The Lost Boy'
Conor Quinn

Baritone, 'Songs and Dances of Death'
Brendan Collins

Mezzo 'Kindertotenlieder'
Margaret Bridge

Pianist, 'Songs and Dances of Death' and 'Kindertotenlieder'
Tristan Russcher

Soprano 'Les Nuits D'Été' and 'A Chloris at Hillsborough
Mary McCabe

Mezzo Soprano 'Les Nuits D'Été at the Courtyard
Sinéad O'Kelly

Mezzo Soprano 'Les Nuits D'Été' at The MAC
Jenny Bourke

Soprano 'A Chloris' at The MAC
Anna Gregg

Pianist 'Les Nuits D'Été
Bryan Evans



Cameron Menzies

Hair and Make Up
Nuala Campbell and Connie McGrath

Lighting Design
PSI Productions



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27th October 2023 ~ 8:00pm