Voices from the Void 'A WWI Reflection' Monday 6th June 2016 11am workshop performance & 8pm evening performance

By Felicity McCall

Directed by Steven Wakeley

Personal experiences of the young Irish men from both traditions who put on a British uniform to serve in WW1, illustrated by dramatic excerpts and letters home.

In June 1917, soldiers from the Ulster and Irish battalions of the British army fought side by side for the first time, at Messines, to liberate Belgium from German occupation.

Around four thousand Derry men fought in World War 1.

These excepts are adapted by writer Felicity McCall, who developed the 'We Were Brothers' project- a play, a DVD, a book, an interactive website and a youth project that remembers the heritage of soldiers from both the Unionist and the Nationalist traditions who served side by side with the British army in World War 1, as members of the Ulster Battalions or the Irish Volunteers.



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