The Playhouse Theatre & Peacebuilding Academy presents ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN 1972: Voices from the Heart of The Troubles By Damian Gorman Wednesday 16th September 2020 to Saturday 19th September 2020 CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO WATCH BACK ONLINE

Directed by Kieran Griffiths.

The statistics for 1972- the worst year of the ‘Troubles’- are astonishing: almost 500 killings (nearly 100 in the month of July alone); 10,000 shootings, 2,000 explosions, and almost 5,000 people physically injured.

But statistics only take you so far, and they don’t take you inside the hearts of people who were there. 1972 was an extraordinary year- a year when it felt like anything could happen- but it was a year of lives as well as deaths. And here is an evening of voice, of people- gathered by the poet Damian Gorman- which carries inside stories of both.

This show was broadcast live every night at 8pm.

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