The Playhouse presents presents Albino Parts By Seamas Keenan Tuesday 14th May 2019 to Saturday 18th May 2019 8pm

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Directed by Kieran Griffiths

From the Writer of ‘Over the Wire’


“I wake up every day worried.  I fear that things that should not be normal will become so”- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

An imagined country in the not too distant future. Men, women and children are detained with due process of law.  “Visitors” are presumed terrorists, used as prostitutes and treated as slaves.

Toddlers are torn from their mothers’ arms at arbitrary border crossings, refugees deported back to certain death and torture, thousands drowning in the oceans, hundreds of thousands scrabbling for food in vast concentration camps.

And most of the individuals who implement the policies of their political masters are ordinary, decent folk, not too dissimilar to the rest of us.   

A powerful and gripping new drama from Award winning writer Seamas Keenan, ‘Albino Parts’ is set in a very possible and near dystopian future where the abnormal is shockingly normal.


Ages 15+ contains strong language, adult themes & scenes of a disturbing nature


the leche trustarts council of Nothern Ireland

Preview Night offer all tickets £5 on Tues 14 May£12 / £10 Wed 15/ Thurs 16 May£15 / £12 Fri 17/ Sat 18 May

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