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The Playhouse Choice and Voice Project presents


7th December 2022 ~ 5th January 2023

At the North West Transport Hub

"No one has asked our opinion until now"

"We’re here and we’re making noise"


Choice and Voice is a cross community art programme that engages groups of young people through exciting programmes of art workshops in a wide variety of artforms.

This project was based on youth empowerment. It engaged young people in identifying and creatively addressing youth related issues including human rights and the rights of a child, youth empowerment, mental health, gender identity, good relations and shared space. The young people learned new art making skills and participated in managing their own event.

Showrooms was an art installation with an opening event. This involved local young people from The Bytes Project, Currynieirin Community Association and Voice of Young People in Care (VOYPIC).

The showcase was an installation of three free standing type rooms with vibrant pieces of artwork in the form of wall prints, printed lampshades, printed soft furnishings. It was themed around symbolically bringing personal space into a public arena.