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Amadan Ensemble presents


6th April 2024
Time: 14:00 & 18:00
Tickets: £12/ £8

Geppetto is the story of a lonely old man, who spends his days pottering in his repair shop, half-heartedly fixing broken things, and not being able to move on from his sadness.  

One night a mysterious and magical visitor comes to Geppetto's shop and with fun and laughter begins to bring him out of his lonely existence. 

Geppetto's new friend leads him into a world full of hope before giving him one last gift - one story's end is just another story's beginning.

Geppetto is a non-verbal production, featuring physical comedy, puppetry, mime and music.

Suitable for 6+


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6th April 2024 ~ 2:00pm
6th April 2024 ~ 6:00pm