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"We are grateful to the co-workers and The Playhouse for their creative, innovative and enjoyable team building days. The IKEA team greatly enjoyed and learned a lot from the team-building and definitely benefitted from the Playhouse's thoughtful and bespoke approach to team-building training."


"Congratulations on the event, it ticked all the boxes for us, it was fun, had a great team building element, and it challenged the staff by taking them out of their comfort zone."
Business In The Community


Let us bring new creative experiences from the arts into your business.

  • We can provide bespoke creative training for your staff- encouraging staff engagement, increased morale, and improved performance.
  • We'll team your staff up with the best local (and fully quantified!) artists and facilitators to use the arts to explore brand new approaches to collaboration, communication, and leadership.
  • Whether its Graffitti, Performance, Djing, Visual Arts, Crafts, or Dance, building a large scale art piece for your building, we can take your staff out of their normal routines to find new creative opportunities and solutions.

To find our more contact The Playhouse on 02871268027 or email