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Theatre of Witness Workshops


"It was a privilege to hear and engage with real inspiring peacemakers..." Workshop participant

Engage with real life stories from all sides of The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Join our facilitators as they share their true narratives through arts and peacebuilding.

Workshops enable the performers to screen video footage of their original Theatre of Witness production and talk about their experiences. The workshops also give the opportunity for participants to ask questions about things that are rarely spoken about. 

Who are the performers in TOW? Performers include former police officers, paramilitaries and relatives of those killed or injured. 
What age are the workshops for?  Age 14+
How long do they last for? Approx 2hrs
Group Size? TOW can be adapted to meet the needs of the group

Workshops are free for groups based in Northern Ireland from all communities, but also available to any group outside of Northern Ireland interested in exploring how art can inspire healing, empathy and understanding.


For more information or to book a workshop contact  


" I thought it was extremely interesting to hear things from a female's perspective of the conflict as this isn't always represented. The theme of how we glorify and romanticise the violence and the conflict particularly stood out to me, as did the theme that those who became combatants were encouraged to do so from a young age." Workshop participant

"I learnt so much that it is hard to know where to begin. Everything about the workshop was so powerful and impactful. I believe the stories I heard today and the discussion that followed will stay with me for the rest of my life." Workshop participant


"The power of personal testimony, and the importance of honesty from all sides for peacebuilding" Workshop participant

"The Playhouse and the people who took part in doing the workshop along with us were very friendly and gave interesting stories with advice and inspirational meaning behind them" Workshop participant


"Big thanks to all of you for doing this. The stories were heartbreaking but inspiring. Huge props to everyone and the work you do. I think it's extremely important the work you do as it will help bring peace and understanding in a country that is scarred. Truly inspiring" Workshop participant

"Participating in a TOW workshop was a utterly amazing experience. The participants are so human and normal and yet speak to honestly and sincerely they really impacted on us all" Workshop participant


Funded by:

Community Relations Council of Northern Ireland and Together: Building a United Community (T:BUC) Programme | The Executive Office


'We are the Ripple Effect'  | A book by Teya Sepinuck
'We are the Ripple Effect' | A book by Teya Sepinuck
For customers in UK, ROI and US
'We are the Ripple Effect' | A book by Teya Sepinuck
'We are the Ripple Effect' | A book by Teya Sepinuck
For customers outside of UK, ROI and US