Rose of Tralee Protest ahead of Big Tickle!

Posted on: 2nd September 2011

Zocorro, the masked Spanish Beauty Queen, has been seen protesting outside Leinster house ahead of her much awaited performance at The Big Tickle Comedy Festival!


The hilarious adventure of Zocorro, the wanna-be Spanish Rose will come to The Playhouse on Friday September 16 at 8pm, but before her trip to the Playhouse, Zocorro called on Enda Kenny to put a stop to surprise random urine test practices in the Rose of Tralee competition in front of government buildings.


Every August, 32 Roses from all over the world come together in Tralee, Co. Kerry, all of them either born in Ireland or of Irish descent. One of them will be crowned The Rose of Tralee. The fantastic one women show, ‘Zocorro Rose of Tralee' is the heartbreaking story of the year the "RiberillaDelAltaHazaña" Rose donned the sash, to fight for truth, for justice, in the Spanish way.


Audiences will find out what really happens behind the scenes in Tralee; learn how to peel an apple with a knife and fork, how to get out of the car without showing your knickers, and how when in the company of boys, you must never wear white, because it reminds boys of sheets.

"It is a matter of fundamental social concern to the people of Ireland who do not have Irish blood. It is a universal right to be a Rose" Zocorro said.

"There are worrying indications that existing practices, such as the surprise random urine tests, are a source of humiliation to Roses who are discovered to have applied under false Irish descent claims!"

Zocorro tells the world her story in ‘Zocorro Rose of Tralee' at The Playhouse on Friday September 16 at 8pm. Tickets are £11/ £8 and can be bought online at or by contacting The Playhouse Box Office on (028)71268027.


‘Zocorro Rose of Tralee’

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