"We are stronger than cuts.... let’s meet”

Posted on: 14th October 2015

The show will go on!

Like any family faced with the most difficulties times, The Playhouse family are determined.
The Playhouse started servicing the community here 23 years ago, with a budget of £300 and a business plan.
Over that quarter of a decade we have facilitated the creativity of thousands, discovered new skills and abilities in the people of Northern Ireland, given a space for anyone with a story to tell, invested in the people who invest in us.
These services cannot and will not be cut.
With the same spirit, energy, and sense of responsibility, The Playhouse have begun to strategically plan fundraising activities and events to deal with the devastating 7% cut in its funding.
The headline of this article is taken directly from the subject line of an internal staff email.
We have set ourselves short term targets to fill this loss of £17,431. We are taking bigger risks. A Christmas ball, billed as an artistic and unforgettable fundraiser, is nearly sold out with next to no publicity. Our Applause Club, offering audiences and supporters behind the scenes access to discussion, performance, music and art has grown from strength to strength. Local businesses have come on board, offering invaluable generosity and support as corporate patrons. We're bring our theatre plays, including our celebration our city's great legend Josef Locke, on tour to bigger stages, so it will grow, sustain itself, uplift everyone and encourage even more people to share the great stories and music of our city.
The Playhouse family are determined but we are not invincible. We need a sustainable and long term assurance from government that we are being heard when we advocate for our resources.
We refuse to stop, despite the bigger and bigger burdens and challenges, our services to the community are too important to compromise.
People take risks all the time sharing their creativity with us- a new artist showcasing their work in our plaza, a young or old person discovering new skills and abilities, someone taking a chance on us to help them improve their literacy in a new and creative way, to someone choosing to spend money and time on a unique night in our theatre- we will always take risks ourselves to ensure this continues.
Nothing will deter us from this mission statement. We have four core values: community, creativity, quality and sustainability. These values describe who we are, what we stand for and how we function.



Vision, Mission & Core Values


The Playhouse Vision
To Create Community, Celebrate Diversity and Empower People through the Arts

The Playhouse Mission
Is to deliver creative, innovative and accessible Arts, Education and Peace-building Programmes that enrich the lives of the people that we serve.

Core Values
We have four core values: community, creativity, quality and sustainability. These values describe who we are, what we stand for and how we function.

COMMUNITY - Belonging at The Playhouse
We work as a community, for the community - by creating safe spaces where people of diversity can mingle and thrive.

CREATIVITY - Imagine That
We continuously re-imagine new ways of working to ensure our performances, programmes and management processes are the best that they can be.

QUALITY - Giving of our Best
We strive for excellence in everything we do: in staged performance; in education provision; and in how The Playhouse is administered.

We strive diligently to maintain the financial and organisational stability that has sustained us in the past.

Show your support for The Playhouse now by contacting us on (028)71268027 or CLICK HERE


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