'Quota 750' recreates the hussle and noise of the Derry docks.

Posted on: 11th January 2017

Welcome to the world of noise.

We often shut out auditable and visual commotion in our lives.

Some heads might deem noise to be a negative sound?

When was the last time you stood still and just listened?


JP Conaghan, the Playhouse's technician in residence, has created a fantastic new sound installation 'Quota 750.'

Journey through the enduring audio landscape of what once was a busy dock on the River Foyle in Derry.

JP recorded a series of live recordings between recordings from the 21st Dec 2016 & 11th Jan 2017, and the piece has a duration of 750 seconds (12mintes 30 seconds). This helps recreate the normal quota the average worker has to bag every day at the docks.

The piece opens at The Playhouse and runs from the 16th - 21st of January 2017.

"In the pounding atmosphere of great cities as well as in the formerly silent countryside, machines create today such a large number of varied noises that pure sound, with its littleness and its monotony, now fails to arouse any emotion." 

- Luigi Russolo. 1913 (The Art of Noise)


NB: Ear protection will be provided to each participant due to high decibel ratings.

Quota 750 - JP Conaghan


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