Picasso Tribute Exhibition By Jim Sweeney

Posted on: 17th April 2013

A special tribute exhibition of the work of Pablo Picasso opened this week at The Playhouse. The week long exhibition by artist Jim Sweeney features copies of selective works by famous artist

Mr Sweeney started painting in 2007 whilst in St Lukes hospital, Dublin but his interest in Picasso has been with him since 1963 albeit, dormant until 2007.

Pablo Picasso is hailed as one of the most revolutionary artists of all time and the one who has exerted the greatest influence upon the art world in the 20th century.

"The Picasso paintings in my exhibition are my copies of those works which o felt most comfortable doing ad most admired by me." Mr Sweeney said

"I hope you thought time to view and appreciate the vibrancy of colors and understand the instantly recognizable concept of visual reality in which Pablo Picasso has become well known."

"There is no formal by which we can measure the superiority of his artist creative genius

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