Mickey plays it straight!

Posted on: 27th February 2012

Local entertainer Mickey Doherty faces an interesting challenge- playing a straight man in the award winning play ‘Dealing with Dougie'.

The Derry man, best known for portrayal of flamboyant characters, will star in a very different role in a new play challenging homophobic attitudes next month.

Written by Jim Mc Clenaghan and Carl Campbell, and winner of the 2008 Greer Garson award ‘Dealing with Dougie' will come to The Playhouse on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 March at 8pm.

An all star local cast will head up the production by Shindig Theatre Company, including actor and director Jim Lecky and Gerry Dorrity, and Conor Barr. Mickey Doherty's character has been asked along to a poker game by his long suffering brother in law Dougie. Mickey's character, Daniel is asked to pretend to be straight so that Dougie doesn't lose face in front of his poker buddies.

Gerry Dorrity said: "All is well to begin with, but as they say in Derry ‘when the drinks in, the wits out'! Inevitably the secret leaks out and Daniel comes in for a bit of a hard time from Dougie and his mucker Barry. The language and humour are strong, although Daniel defends himself well, and actually comes out the better after his altercation.

"Mickey has found this role quite demanding, as he is used to portraying a more flamboyant character, although he believes it should be seen by everyone. The play exposes some people's homophobic attitudes with innocent and often humorous disregard."

Co-Writer Jim mc McClenaghan said that the parochial nature of Irish life has led to some people having "a very blinkered view on society".


"More than just ‘euro-centrism'; it is a feeling that there is only one set of values worth thinking about and anyone who challenges this model must be either an enemy or at least a threat to an established way of life. We were very interested in exploring that dynamic,

"‘The concept of ‘Dougie' stemmed from an idea we had about how a certain type of person functions when taken out of their comfort zone. Dougie and his mate Barry for example, never feel they have to actually think about what they say, or the consequences, thereof, before they speak. Why should they? On a usual card night it's open season on any subject; there are no taboos and any perceived weakness is ruthlessly set upon by these pseudo-macho men."

His writing partner Carl Campbell said that the script for ‘Dealing with Dougie' is foremost an observation of ordinary urban life, it is also is a product of a collaborative learning experience:


"Myself and Jim began writing together at university where we both took degrees in English; a major strand of which was creative writing under the excellent tutelage of Dr, Frank Sewell. In addition to this we both became members of Derry Scriptwriter's Group. One of the great benefits of belonging to this group is the range of experience, and knowledge among its membership. The encouragement, and guidance, we received there in particular from Felicity McCall gave us the confidence and motivation to see our work develop into something beyond the written word. Her ‘Page to Stage' sessions gave us the chance to ‘road test' our work and hone it for a full stage production."

Shindig Theatre Company shall be performing "Dealing with Dougie" at the Playhouse with a strong local cast, including Gerry Dorrity, Conor Barr, James Lecky, Helen Mc Laughlin and Michael Doherty.

‘Dealing with Dougie' will come to The Playhouse on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 March at 8pm. Tickets are £11/ £8 and are available from The Playhouse Box Office on (08)71268027 or book online by clicking here.

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