‘Extrications: freed from a difficult or restrictive situation or place'

Posted on: 6th December 2013

An exhibition of work by artists from Northern Ireland's three main prisons will be launched next week.
The Prison Arts Foundation in partnership with the Playhouse Community Arts Centre have announced the launch of ‘Extrications: freed from a difficult or restrictive situation or place' on Tuesday December 10.
The Prison Arts Foundation (PAF) is a registered charity which seeks to assist the rehabilitation of offenders using a range of art forms including writing, drama visual art, craft and music. PAF aims to release the creative potential of those serving custodial and community sentences by engaging artists to teach and give inspiration to people. These artists are often the first meaningful contact point for new prisoners, as they are seen to be independent of the system.
For this striking and extensive exhibition PAF have teamed up with The Playhouse to provide a platform for art from our highly talented artists throughout Northern Ireland. Extrications continues until December 19.
"We are delighted to have the opportunity to showcase a diverse range of prisoners' work during the City of Culture at such a high profile venue" Chelley McLear, Acting Executive Director of PAF, said.
"Extrications brings together work from our artists from N. Ireland's three main prisons, as well as work from the Maze including artefacts donated by Loyalist and Republican ex-prisoners organisations: Coiste and EPIC. We have received great support from Northern Ireland Prison Service, our artists and contributors, the Derry Playhouse, PBNI and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland in bringing together this exhibition of work. It is a truly stunning collection highlighting the talent in the region."
PAF's work has the potential to have a wide ranging effect on prisoners whose lives can be profoundly transformed: on internal relationships within prisons, between prisoners and between prisoners and staff; and externally, between prisoners and their families and communities.
‘Extrications: freed from a difficult or restrictive situation or place' will be launched at The Playhouse on Tuesday December 10 from 5-7pm and will run until December 19

"Art is a medium for change, prison is just a venue" Mike Moloney: Former PAF Executive Director (deceased)

‘Extrications: freed from a difficult or restrictive situation or place'

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