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Tender for Two Documentary Films


Film & edit two documentary films charting the process of developing and presenting two Theatre & Peace Building Project theatre productions in Northern Ireland during Jan - April 2020.
You may tender to complete one, or both documentary films.

Project Background
The Theatre & Peace Building Programme is an innovative arts and peace building initiative funded by EU Peace IV. Additional funding has been secured from a private donor to make these films. 
The Playhouse, in partnership with Holywell Trust, Thomas D'Arcy Foundation and Queens University are delivering the Theatre and Peace Building Project. They have programmed a range of Theatre Artists with significant experience of using theatre and arts activity in areas of conflict & post conflict to create theatre that can promote healing and reconciliation. More info here:
This tender is to create two films recording the work of two Theatre Artists who are working with victims and survivors of the conflict to create two new theatre productions.

Documentary One / Theatre Production One
Theatre Artist Ailin Conant is exploring the theme of First Responders. Ailin is working with seven first responders, including representatives from NIAS, Fire Officers, Knights of Malta, Therapists, Nurses, Civilians and Journalists. Seven students from Ulster University are also participating.  
The first responders are from throughout Northern Ireland, and are rehearsing a theatre production based on their own life experiences from the Troubles. 
Rehearsals are based at The Playhouse and are ongoing from December 2019, and the production opens at The Playhouse on 26th Feb, before touring to Riverside Theatre Coleraine on 4th March 2020.
More info here

Documentary Two / Theatre Production Two 
Theatre Artist Damian Gorman is exploring the theme of 1972, the worst year of The Troubles. Damian will be working with seven victims and survivors of The Troubles to rehearse and perform a theatre production based on their own life experiences from the Troubles. 
The production will be directed by The Playhouse's in house theatre director, Kieran Griffiths. The production opens in The Playhouse on 23rd April, and will tour to another venue in Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland. This production will go into rehearsal in mid-February 2020. 
More info here

Details of Tender 
To work sensitively with the performers and artistic director, to film two Documentaries highlighting the various stages in the development of Theatre Productions 1 & 2. The content will include pre, during and post production footage, including interviews with the director and performers at various stages in the process, rehearsals, performance footage, and post-performance workshops with audiences. 
We require broadcast quality filming, lighting and sound as well as multi-camera footage of the live productions. We are also interested to capture the psychological and emotional journey travelled by each of the participants as a result of the project. 
The successful candidate will edit the footage and transfer to DVD and online platforms. The duration of each Documentary will be circa 45 minutes. We also require the film to be in ‘chapters' per person so that each person's story can be screened individually in post-production workshops.

Role of Successful Bidder

• Film the entire performances of Theatre Productions 1 & 2 using broadcast quality recording and sound. 
• Film interviews with each cast member and Theatre Artist for Theatre Productions 1 & 2.
• Film back stage, rehearsal and audience reaction/discussion on at least 2 separate occasions for Theatre Productions 1 & 2.
• Obtain and use relevant historical film footage to enhance each documentary film, if appropriate.
• Scout and book locations as needed for interviews and additional material.
• Collaborate closely with the artistic director and other programme staff.
• Direct the films in consultation with the Theatre Directors.
• Edit the documentary films, and involve the Theatre Directors and The Playhouse in editorial decisions.

Cross Cutting Themes to be Incorporated
• The work must be focused on reconciliation, building trust and confidence, respect for diversity, equality, cross community, and be participant centered.


Essential Criteria
The successful bidder must meet the following criteria:
• Has created film documentaries that sympathetically follow artistic processes, and/or filmed staged theatre performances.
• Is able to deal with sensitive and confidential material
• Artistic vision has resonance with the Theatre & Peace Building project
• Shows evidence of being able to meet deadlines
• Is open to working collaboratively.
• Has interest and understanding of developing film for educational purposes

Theatre Production 1: Rehearsals are on-going from December 2019 at The Playhouse, and the production opens at The Playhouse on 26th Feb 2020, before touring to Riverside Theatre Coleraine on 4th March 2020.
Theatre Production 2: Rehearsals start mid-February, and the production opens in The Playhouse on 23rd April 2020, and will tour to another venue in Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland.
Completion of Edited Film 1: April 15th 2020.
Completion of Edited Film 2: Aug 15th 2020.

Format of Tender
You may tender to complete one, or both documentary films. 
Tenders submitted should detail the following:
• Clearly state which film / films you are tendering to complete.
• Outline the experience and expertise of the personnel to be involved in the filming and editing short films and videos/ and or Documentary films that creatively follow artistic processes, and/or filmed staged theatre performances.
• Outline your artistic vision for the documentary. 
• Outline your approach to working collaboratively.
• Set out a clear plan of how the work will be undertaken, principles of engagement with participants, method of filming and techniques to be used, working within the above mentioned time frame.
• Set out a clear total costing, inclusive of all expenses and VAT (if applicable).
• Include links to at least two examples of previous documentary film and/or short film work.

A budget of no more than £50,000 is available in total, which is to cover all elements of the filming and editing process for both the Documentaries.
This is to include all pre-production, production and post-production work, as well as per diem costs, travel and subsistence, and all incidental costs.

Evaluation of Tender
Tender applicants will be evaluated with reference to the following criteria:
• Experience of filmmaking. 
• Artistic excellence.
• An understanding of the impact of the conflict on those in Northern Ireland / Border Counties.  
• A clear plan of how the filming - design and delivery will be undertaken, specifying broad filming and editing schedules, working within the above mentioned time frame.
• Evidence of delivering projects within strict deadlines.
• A clear empathy for the subject material and clear artistic vision for the film process.
• A clear total costing.
• Value for money.
This Tender does not imply that the lowest Tender or any Tender will be accepted.

General conditions
The Playhouse will retain the ownership rights to all film material produced. The Playhouse will fully acknowledge and credit the work of the filmmaker in all promotional material.
The fee paid for undertaking the work will be a fixed fee.

Tender Submission
A copy of the completed tender should be submitted to:

Elaine Forde
Theatre & Peace Building Project Manager
The Playhouse
5 - 7 Artillery Street
Northern Ireland
T: +44 (0) 28 7126 8027

Tender Deadline
Completed tenders should arrive no later than: Wed 22 January at 5pm.


A project supported by the European Union's PEACE IV Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB).

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