Casting Call: Playhouse Production - Albino Parts by Seamas Keenan

Posted on: 22nd February 2019

Casting call notice for the upcoming Playhouse Production of Albino Parts by Seamas Keenan.


The Playhouse is a thriving arts centre that works to deliver Arts, Education and Peace- building Programmes to every corner to society, to provide a platform for new and emerging artists, and to create and touring important theatre around the island of Ireland. As part of its remit to simply "Make arts accessible to all", the theatre has developed pioneering new types of theatre - from its performance work with ex combatants and victims and survivors of conflict, to theatre that steps between real and virtual worlds, using human actors, theatrical direction and digital puppeteering. The world’s first play to beperformed live on stage and inside the Minecraft video game, Playcraft Live, was broadcast live worldwide, seen in all continents by an audience of 1 million people.


Seamas Keenan is a multi award winning writer from Derry 
– Londonderry. Seamas wrote the powerful 'Over the Wire', which opened the Playhouse’s City of Culture season.

Set in a very near dystopian future, Albino Parts is a thriller set in a refugee camp. The Play has staff who are indigenous and they are responsible for the 'visitors'. The play interrogates absolute power. The Staff characters are built with an identity of living in an era of conformity and having a moral compass. They then, are given absolute power and experience a conflict of having the ability to do what they want versus the instinctive moral compass which urges them to abide by the rules of a former existence. The Visitors have been stripped of their self-worth, position and dignity. Their lives are about survival as they are treated as terrorists, prostitutes and sub humans.


Male. Northern Irish. Playing age 20 
– 35. Energetic. Athletic. Physically Fit. Ideally tall. Quite simply Johnson is an absolute animal. Every conversation he has is for personal gain, pleasure and self - gratification.

Male. Northern Irish. Playing age 20 
– 35. Physically Fit. Slim Build. Crotty is the moral backbone of the Play. He has the greatest struggle as he knows he can do whatever he wants and take whatever he wants, but he has a conscience.


An initial first round of Auditions will take place in workshop form which will occur on Monday 4th March at 11am here at the Playhouse. 


We may or may not invite the actor to the workshop. The nature of the workshop calls for physical exercise and movement and text work. This will all happen as a group.


Contract: EQUITY
Contact details
Chloe Harkin
Company Stage Manager

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