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Posted on: 3rd April 2013


Playhouse invites local Tillies memories to the stageOn April 19 and 20 the famous ‘Tillies' factory will reopen its doors on stage at the Millennium Forum.

And as part of the tale The Playhouse has launched an open call for photographs and footage of factory life.

The new Playhouse production of ‘Tillies', directed by Nicky Harley, will weave local people's memories into their telling of the factory's tale.

The show will project live images connected to the famous factory which dominated the skyline of the city for so many years.

"These pictures don't have to be of or in the factory itself, we are just keen to create a collection of images of the time- the late 50 and early 60s. This is an opportunity to give credit to those who sweated and worked for long hours behind those gates. I want real images of the real people integrated into the production. I want to rebuild a version of the factory that the City so tragically lost, even if it's for a brief moment" Director Nicky Harley said.

"Tillies has been part of so many people's live in the city, children and grandchildren have often heard stories of what has happened within its walls, and now we have a chance to see and share these stories through imagery and theatre."

Local actors Maureen Wilkenson, Kathy Deehan, Maeve Connelly, Rachel Melaugh, Dearbhaile McKinney, Andy Doherty, Seamus Ball, Paul O' Doherty, and Louise Conaghan will star in the much anticipated production.

Anyone with images or footage are invited to submit electronic copies to Kieran Griffith on



Image- GC Photographics

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