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Celebrating 25 years by breaking global ground in theatre & technology, working with the National Theatre and making a Little Playhouse!

  In September 2017, in its 25th Year, The Playhouse released tickets for a theatre production with a difference.Tickets sold out in just three minutes, and anticipation mounted for a pioneering new type of theatre, one that would step betwee...
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Playhouse launches film on paramilitarism by Colin Bateman

The Playhouse launched a short educational film this week that aims to build awareness around the issue of paramilitarism in Northern Ireland.The short film, ‘Recruited', written by writer Colin Bateman, aims to warn young people about parami...
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Screenwriter, Filmmaker and Film Director Required

The Playhouse, Derry-Londonderry is seeking a Screenwriter, Filmmaker and Film Director to create a short educational film. The aim of the film, which is funded by the PCSP and the Youth Justice Agency, is to warn young people aged 14 - 18 years a...
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Become part of The Playhouse production team for our next show

Become part of The Playhouse production team for our next show The Playhouse is seeking up to 15 individuals from the Bogside, Fountain & Bishop Street areas interested in theatre performance and backstage skills. Successful applicants wi...
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Braving the elements for Park Love!

Nearly 100 young people braved the elements on this month to show their love for St Columb's Park.The Playhouse Park Art project aims to encourage 13-18 year olds to use their free time in a creative and constructive way.Some of the UK's leading ar...
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Irish and UK graffiti, parkour, DJing, Slacklining and Skateboarding artists come to St Columb’s Park

The Playhouse and UV Arts has developed a new artistic response to anti-social behaviour in St Columb's Park.Irish and UK in graffiti, parkour, DJing, Slacklining and Skateboarding artists will visit the park for a free day of demos next Saturday. Pa...
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