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A Sunlit Absence

The empty chair is very powerful. It’s a very powerful symbol of loss, of grief. Rather than leave these empty, if you have bits of grief, bits of loss in your life, thought the Troubles, not through the Troubles, if it made sense to you, here is a place for that to go.” Playwright Damian Gorman invites those who have lost people in the Troubles, due to Covid-19, or in any circumstance, to contribute to our production of 'Anything Can Happen 1972: Voices from the heart of the Troubles'. As much of our 150 seat theatre remains empty during the performance of this theatre piece due to social distancing, we are inviting those who have experienced loss to send objects or photographs of significance or importance to us here at The Playhouse, to be placed on empty chairs in the theatre during the performance. This act is so that the chairs have, other than absence, something very significant and important on them, to be lit by theatre lights in an act echoing Seamus Heaney’s famous work ‘Mossbawn: Two Poems in Dedication’, in which he describes “a sunlit absence”.

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