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iRemember - Documenting the process

The IRemember project aims to develop, share and test an innovative methodology for the teaching/learning of contemporary history. The project aims to enhance teaching skills through intergenerational management techniques, storytelling and storyboarding techniques and innovative technology.

The Playhouse is delighted to work with The University of Rome and other partner countries include Armenia, Romania, Spain and Portugal.

The key themes of the "Laboratories of Memory" in Derry, Northern Ireland were to explore the realities, lived experience, and legacies of the Northern Irish Troubles. The drive was to present young people with a powerful learning and interactive experience away from the cold sterility of their text books.

The Derry Playhouse IRemember Laboratories of Memory ran for 9 workshops between April and June 2016.
Students were introduced to filming techniques, active listening, scripting questions for interviews, and the online training.
differing methods and modes of storytelling, the power of narrative, and the vital importance of creating an arc of story from original source material (interviews). Activities included storyboarding using popular music with song lyrics, digital storytelling, and work that allowed for the development of creative language use under the guidance of IRemember lead facilitator Louise McElhinney.

Each one of the Laboratory of Memory workshops were filmed for the Web Documentary, and all steps and stages along the way were documented in this short documentary.

IRemember is funded by the Italian government through the EU ERASMUS+ funding.


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