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Derry Jazz Festival presents JOHN LEIGHTON & FRIENDS Monday 1st May 2017 £6

John Leighton live in concert joined by Gay McIntyre, California Soul, Chris McConaghy & More...

Brassneck Theatre Company presents THE BLUE BOY OF GLENMORE From the company behind 'The Holy, Holy Bus', 'Man in the Moon' & 'A Night with George'. Thursday 4th May 2017 TICKETS: £14 / 12 concession(Includes £1 development contribution)

Jemmy John is a tortured soul. The flax bogs on the Glen and the cottage are his life. His younger sister Colleen however, doesn't share his enthusiasm.

The Playhouse presents BAG FOR LIFE BY COLIN BATEMAN Age: 16+ Saturday 6th May 2017 TICKETS: £10(Includes £1 development contribution)

Award winning writer Colin Bateman's second play asks the question, can forgiveness overcome the want for revenge in 21st century Northern Ireland?

Balor Rep presents THE STATE OF THE NATION Featuring Conal Gallen as Charlie Haughey Sunday 7th May 2017 TICKETS: £11 / £8 concession (Includes £1 development contribution)

Four towering figures from Irish history meet to play poker in the afterlife.

Omnibus presents MULE Age 14+ Monday 8th May 2017 £11 / £8 Concession

How does a seemingly innocent holiday in Ibiza spiral out of control and end locked up in a South American prison? Inspired by the real events of the Peru Two, Mule delves into the

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