The Sick Rose An exhibition by Aislinn Cassidy Tuesday 5th July 2016 to Friday 15th July 2016

This installation links Art, Science, and Literature by making a connection between the flow/uptake of dyed fluids in Roses and Chromatography paper; the chemical-physical
processes of Diffusion, Capillarity and Colour Separation, and the Rose (stained and poisoned by ink unknowingly) as a metaphor for William Blake's poem The Sick Rose.

The Sick Rose is a poem that has many political, social and religious interpretations. The installation is saturated with symbolism that references and makes associations with some of these interpretations, literal and metaphorical. One interpretation is that Blake wrote the poem to show that love is not always beautiful, no matter what society says about it.

Innocence is almost always lost and is never done without some sort of hurt. Love is never easy, and although many fantasise about what it should be like, love never meets
expectations. In fact, it is a very real account about how love can destroy a person whether this love is secretive, unrequited, or destructive.

The artist's intention is that the viewer can explore the symbolism and science used in the construction of the installation aesthetically and emotionally. Hopefully it will prompt questions on the scientific processes involved in the various elements of the installation, while also considering the metaphorical significance of Blake's poem and what it means to the viewer.

Aislinn Cassidy
Aislinn is a Full-time student at NWRC completing a HND in Fine Art. I have completed my first year with Distinction. She was awarded Overall Runner up (19yrs+) in the BEST Awards Colleges N.Ireland 2016. Previously, she attained her Foundation in Art & Design with Distinction, while also being awarded best overall part-time student 2015 and NWRC Best in Further Education Award 2015 for Outstanding Communication. She has a BSc in Microbiology from Queen's University and is also a Qualified teacher in Secondary Science now returned to full-time study in Art. Her current projects lie on the intersection of Science and Art focusing on making the invisible forces of nature visible, while also creating works that give the viewer an opportunity to respond to the beauty and wonder of nature.

Her work is constructed as a metaphor for the duality of beauty/awe she sees/feels in natureand the harsh reality that beneath her visual experience lies an anxious awareness that it can be brutal in an unconscious way. This resonates with human conscience and it's daily
struggle between good, evil, and indifference. Examples of her work can be seen online:


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