Eight young emerging writers partner with two local theatres to produce their very own new plays for radio.

These young emerging writers aged 14-18 workede with professional directors, actors and sound designers here at The Playhouse and Riverside Theatre Coleraine to produce the new scripts.

THE RIGHT TWIG: RADIO 2020 free online workshop series have been providing in-depth drama and writing sessions to support each writer as they develop.

Writers worked with The Playhouse, Riverside Theatre Coleraine and Fighting Words NI to learn about scriptwriting and radio production- straight from writers, directors, performers, designers, dramaturgs, and other creative professionals.

This final broadcast of the plays was scereened here at www.derryplayhouse and across our social channels @PlayhouseDerry were recorded for future radio broadcast.

The plays

Not the Role I wanted by Jack Dickinson

Martin is stuck in several ways. He is stuck in Italy because of the pandemic, he is stuck with the role of support to his friends and he is stuck with a part he doesn’t like in the play. This is an everyday sort of story. About the little comedies and tragedies of friendships and how people deal with each other under stress, and deal with their own insecurities. It’s about the roles we take on.


Ticket to Freedom by Rachel Wilkinson

The story follows Cassidy and Ethan through their friendship – which Cassidy instigates after watching Ethan (a creative and troubled boy with a secret) and developing feelings for the mysterious boy on the train from school.


NOOB by Thomas Capper

Noob - "A person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity, especially computing or the use of the internet". Noob is an absurd and dark comedy about Gary, who is goes into an unsuspecting foster family after murdering his parents. He hasn't been exposed to much and his foster brother Aidan, decides to take this 'Noob' under his wing, before discovering his dark secret.


Ark by Tara McClean

What happens when earth is no longer fit for habitation? Two women find themselves trapped, waiting for the ship to Mars to return.


Taking Flight by Ronan Hegarty

Tom is a grief-stricken father who is not over the death of his wife. His teenage daughter Sophie is leaving for her first trip to London. Tom struggles to let Sophie take flight - and then tragedy strikes, again. 


Dead Silent by Sophia Brock

Jenny and Mike decide to study together one day after school, but before they can even take out any books, they discover a dead body. Who is responsible? Is the killer still at large?


The Education of Achilles by Hussain Bedair

A dark comedic thriller. When a Library is burnt, detective duo DI Chiron and DI Achilles go to work at bringing the perpetrator to justice and in doing so, put their own lives in danger.

Undercover Punks by Natasha Manganaro 


Coal is a punk, an outsider - his dress sense reflects this. When he meets Rosa, a far less alternative looking girl with a great music taste, the two realise they have a lot to learn from each other about gender, platonic friendships and not judging books by their covers. 

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This project was supported by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports and Media (ROI)


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