The Presence of Absence: An exhibition about Ireland's forgotten past Tuesday 4th August 2015 to Friday 28th August 2015

A framed and beautifully presented series of over 80 photographs showcasing Ireland's forgotten history and architectural heritage.

Local photographer Pete Irvine travels all over the country, finding places unseen by the general public. Over the past decade he has visited countless abandoned buildings including factories, workhouses, hospitals, asylums, manor houses and cottages under the pseudonym 'Irishmanlost'. The detail of dusty lofts, intricate ceilings and stunning Victorian staircases have been safely assessed and beautifully recorded for posterity. Many of the images on display have won awards and the value of the work lies in the artistic merit as well as the fascinating history. This exhibition marks a culmination of Pete's exploring years so far and invites you to discover a hidden world, one that is slowly being reclaimed by nature. It should be of great interest to anyone with an interest in photography, architecture or days of old, as well as the generally curious.

'The Presence of Absence: An exhibition about Ireland's forgotten past' will run from Tuesday 4th - Friday 28th August in the foyer of the Playhouse Theatre, Derry.




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