City of Derry Jazz and Big Band Festival and The Playhouse presents Playhouse Jazz Festival Speakeasy Thursday 30th April 2015 to Sunday 3rd May 2015 9.30pm

It's witching hour ... The cops ain't about, or are they? You arrive at the Speakeasy...
Do you know the Password? Cos you ain't gettin in kid unless you do...
The customer is granted access and transported back to the prohibition era Speakeasys of 1929. A speakeasy like no other with a higher class clientele. Don't tell noone neither, cos the Mayor drinks here. A smoking hot atmosphere, a bootleg bottle and the dulcet tones of resident Jazz Artist Ella Fitzgerald seduces all with songs from the era.
So come along, dress up and hang out in character, and hope there's not a police raid on the hottest House of Blues in town!

Entry : £5 bucks

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