Dreadful, Richard Jordan Productions and Jackson's Lane Theatre presents Penny Dreadful’s Etherdome Written by Bernadette Russell Saturday 17th September 2011 8pm

A Big Tickle Event

Frankenstein's alive and he's about to extract your wisdom teeth!

Award-winning Penny Dreadful cordially invite you to enter the Etherdome. Take your seats for this darkly funny, true tale of 1850's America, where carnival-sideshows meet live bluegrass... and dentistry!

It's the start of the so-called Scientific Age, major surgery including amputation, heart surgery - and tooth extraction - is still carried out with only a stiff whisky or a stick to bite on. In a fairground tent, alongside tea-leaf fortune-tellers, an amazing discovery is made by accident. But who actually made it?

Mick Barnfather (Peepolykus, Right Size, Complicité) directs this extraordinary disaster-comedy, where the quest for pain relief takes a detour via lunacy, addiction and a duck pond!

Trust us this won't hurt a bit...

"Grotesque comedy at its finest." Metro

"One of Donald McGill's saucy seaside postcards come to life... Winning entertainment" TimeOut

penny dreadful


Photograph by Pau Ros

Tickets £11/ £8

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