Marvel Arts Theatre Company presents One Fine Day By Dennis Lumborg Friday 27th May 2011 to Saturday 28th May 2011 8pm

Directed by Carmel McCafferty and performed by Deigh Reid, this wonderfully written one man play is full of humour and deeply moving moments that looking at the hazards of modern parenting. Not to be missed! 

Eddie, a young metal worker, who lives contentedly on a suburban housing estate with his wife Jeanie and two adored small children, Katie & Billy. He and Jeanie have always believed in being frank with their children about matters of sex, but when his daughter stumbled into their bedroom during her parents' love-making and then cheerfully recounts the details next day at school, Eddie finds himself investigated by social services.

Voluntarily exiling himself from home, he finds life without his family unbearable. He decides to "kidnap" his children for a day's outing to the beach but it goes awry when Katie's little school friend turns up unexpectedly. Arrested, he is finally released without charge and is restored to his family, but must then suffer the vilification of neighbours and workmates, until Jeanie finds a solution.


This play contains adult themes and is recommended for age 16+.

£11 / £9

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