Terra Nova Productions, with support from Accidental Theatre presents ARRIVALS2 Conceived and directed by Andrea Montgomery Friday 20th March 2015 8pm

From the company that brought you last year's acclaimed production Arrivals, about the lives of immigrants to Northern Ireland, the story continues with Arrivals2, all about their children.

Five plays by five of Northern Ireland's most exciting local writers, including award-winning playwright and screen writer Daragh Carville, James Meredith and Deirdre Cartmill, and new-comers Maggie Cronin and Finn Kennedy. Composer and Singer Songwriter Anthony Toner will provide a new score for the night.

A night of tasty ‘theatre tapas' that will leave you entertained, amused, moved and thoughtful.

‘witty and hard-hitting ' Jane Coyle, CultureNI


Tickets: £10

Performance Extras

The Presence - Daragh Carville
The only play in Arrivals2 that features first generation immigrants, The Presence is the story of a haunted house. Four people, new Northern Irish citizens, end up lodged together in a house that is trying to get them to turn on each other. Spooky and unsettling, The Presence leads audiences to examine what would happen if their homes were no longer safe.

The Ties That Bind - Maggie Cronin
Three young doctors are scrambling to find a house to rent before they start their internship at one of Belfast's pre-eminent hospitals. All three are trying to figure out who is in love with who, as the pressures of getting settled start to peel away the layers of politeness between them.

The Hatchet - Fionnuala Kennedy
Turf Lodge: one cousin is visibly half black, with an unknown father; the other is white but secretly gay. In Finn Kennedy's funny, moving and highly enjoyable gothic monologue, a mixed race Belfast man tells us the tale of his coming of age: how he learned to love his difference, and what he lost along the way.

The Lost Souls Party - Deirdre Cartmill
What would happen if God actually turned up at a Halloween party when too much drink had been taken? Mixed race couple Alfi and Sharon have fallen in love, but Alfi isn't sure. She's been in an abusive relationship in the past. Under pressure from her son Joojo and her Northern Irish girlfriend, Alfi ends up getting help from a mysterious black man who might just be God.

Secrets - James Meredith
Black Englishman, Patrick, finds out by accident that his father had an affair with a Northern Irish girl. Too bad he was married to Patrick's mother at the time. Angry but curious, Patrick and his sister Angela meet in Northern Ireland, only to be shocked by the powerful connection they feel for each other.


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