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The Playhouse in partnership with Macha Productions presents


24th June 2022 ~ 25th June 2022
Tickets: £7

24 & 25 JUNE, 8PM
25 JUNE, 3PM

Six families, who’ve experienced the killing of a child within their family, share their stories and experiences. These narratives, spanning the years 1971 – 1981 relate a complex and remarkable interweaving of events. 

Over twenty people have taken part in one-to-one interviews with writer Jo Egan;  family members, friends of the children, school teachers, neighbours, peace activists and specialists in trauma. 

This presentation relates their stories of despair, love, anger, bravery and sheer will.




These narratives were originally performed in 2018 for The Playhouse Theatre and Peacebuilding Academy, an initiative using arts as a tool to explore community relations issues in a safe and accessible environment.

The stripped back testimonies have been adapted for travel to non-theatre settings.

The stories being shared


Damien Harkin, 8 years old, was killed by a British Army lorry in the Bogside, Derry-Londonderry on July 24, 1971. His death is officially recorded as a traffic accident and Damien is not listed as a victim of the conflict.

Annette McGavigan, a 14 year old girl, fatally wounded when the British Army fired into a crowd of bystanders at a riot in the Bogside on September 6, 1971, almost one month after Internment was introduced. Annette was the 100th civilian to be killed.

Julie Livingstone, a 14 year old teenager who died from injuries sustained after she was hit by a plastic bullet fired by the British Army on May 12, 1981, the same day hunger-striker Francis Hughes died.

Kathryn Eakin, 8 years old, was cleaning the windows of her family's shop in Claudy when the first of the three bombs exploded on 31 July 1972. The Claudy bombings were carried out by the IRA.

Kathleen Feeney, 14 years old, was shot and killed on November 14 1973 when a  young IRA sniper fired at a British Army checkpoint and killed Kathleen. The IRA now accepts responsibility for her death and issued a public apology to the Feeney Family.

Henry Cunningham, 16 years old, was in a van bringing Protestant and Catholic workmen home to Carndonagh from building work in Glengormley on August 9, 1973. As the van travelled along the M2, UVF gunmen shot into the van from an overhead footbridge killing Henry instantly.


Macha Productions

MACHA is a professional theatre company founded in 2015 by Jo Egan and Fionnuala Kennnedy, that makes theatre with voices and communities that are largely absent from the cultural landscape. MACHA presents, promotes and produces professional performance with community collaboration; with marginalised voices and exceptional artists – locally and internationally. MACHA uses ground-breaking theatre to challenge the current structures existing in society which dominate, repress and block development of communities and individuals.  Through its work, MACHA aims to democratise cultural expression by smashing barriers to participation.

Theatre and Peacebuilding Academy 2018- 2020

Art that allows reflection, active dialogue on consequences of conflict, and techniques to engage with painful memories...
This cross-border programme worked with representatives from interface and highly segregated areas, historical atrocities, victims and survivors and public sector. A range of artforms were used as a tool to explore community relations issues in a safe and accessible environment, promoting healing and reconciliation in a liberating, healing and transformative way. The Playhouse worked in partnership with Holywell Trust, Thomas D’Arcy McGee Foundation and Queens University Belfast to deliver The Playhouse Theatre Peace Building Academy.The PEACE IV Programme is an EU funded Programme designed to support peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the border region.  It is managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB). Match-funding for the project has been provided by the Executive Office and the Department for Rural and Community Development.

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24th June 2022 ~ 8:00pm
25th June 2022 ~ 3:00pm
25th June 2022 ~ 8:00pm