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The Playhouse Plugged In: Session Series presents


25th November 2023
Time: 20:00
Tickets: £18.50


A unique evening of words – sung, spoken and shared – as two of our most acclaimed writers, Damian Gorman and Anthony Toner, take to the stage at The Playhouse for a one-off evening of poems, songs, stories and discussion.

Damian Gorman has a long association with The Playhouse through his work for stage (most notably the recently critically-acclaimed production of Hume – Beyond Belief at the Guildhall), and his inspiring and moving poetry. He distilled a lifetime of experience into a wonderful collection of poems and stories in 2020, As If I Cared, and is renowned for his live readings - and his tireless work in encouraging other writers.

Anthony Toner sprang to prominence in 2008 with his much-loved song Sailortown – heavily playlisted by legendary Derry broadcaster Gerry Anderson – and has since become one of Northern Ireland’s most acclaimed songwriters, packing his work (on record and on stage) with insight, compassion and humour. Famed for his live performances and between-song stories, he is also renowned for his work in mentoring and supporting emerging songwriters.

For this one-off evening, the pair will perform and read from their best-loved works, share some experiences and discuss their lives, their creative processes, influences and techniques. Expect some laughs and surprises – and expect to be inspired.

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25th November 2023 ~ 8:00pm