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6th July 2022
Time: 6pm
Tickets: £6

Quo Vadis, Aida? is an intimate and powerful drama focused on one of the most shameful moments of recent European history.

Bosnia, 11 July 1995. Aida is a translator for the UN when the Serbian army takes over the small town of Srebrenica. Can she possibly do anything to help the inhabitants? Get her own family into safety? Rescue at least one of her sons? With the sensational Jasna Đuričić in the lead role, director Jasmila Žbanić has captured the harrowing events of the genocide in Srebrenica with compelling immediacy.

Barack Obama named Quo Vadis, Aida? as one of his favourite films of 2021, and it has played an important role in raising awareness of what happened in Srebrenica: over eight thousand Muslim boys and men were massacred, and countless women raped, by Serbian forces in the worst act of genocide in Europe since the Second World War.

Followed by panel discussion.

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In Theatre

6th July 2022 ~ 6:00pm