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Kabosh Theatre Company presents


31st March 2022
Time: 8pm
Tickets: £12

A new play from Laurence McKeown looking at loss, love and living.  

Directed by Paula McFetridge

Performed by Eimear Fearon, James Doran and Lisa Duffy 


Sorcha O’Hagan is leaving for Australia. Her bags are packed. Only an overdue conversation with her father remains. Before she goes. 

Sorcha’s mother died when she was only 18 months old.  She was raised by her father Brendan and his family.  They had a strong relationship, but his regular absenteeism was never talked about.  As the sun rises on the border, the clock is ticking, and things need to be said.   

An absolute inspirational and emotional rollercoaster played perfectly by 3 amazing actors. 


Since 1994, Kabosh has become one of the leading independent theatre companies in the north of Ireland. The company has developed a reputation for both addressing the legacy of conflict and creating quality cultural tourism product, by giving a voice to site, space and people.

Through blending new writing and unusual locations every production is unique. The company gives audiences a theatrical experience that encourages them to reimagine a space, a person or a moment in history.  We aim to break down barriers to access the arts and maximise participation for all. 

Kabosh work with an ever-changing ensemble of actors, playwrights, designers, technicians, film makers and musicians.  We are passionate about our creative process and the production of quality theatre. The company creates work from artistic conception through to production whilst also being able to respond to requests from others to work together, whether it be animating a heritage site or addressing sensitive social issues or partnering internationally to produce work that furthers reconciliation.

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31st March 2022 ~ 8:00pm