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Will you help Jakub feel good about himself in his new school?

Jakub has come to the city from a different country and culture. He’s nervous about fitting in on his first day. What he doesn’t know yet is that his teacher works with The Playhouse team to use art and music to help the whole class learn about each other’s cultures- and how to deal with your emotions in a playful way. Jakub will get to know how to say hello in different languages, make friends through creative activities and discover new things about himself. Children like Jakub should love their time at school. Your support will make sure he has the best possible start.

  • Could you pay for a place on a class workshop that provides a safe space to explore different cultures, reducing prejudice? £35
  • Could you  meet the cost of for a one-day creative project for Jakub and classmates on understanding and managing difficult feelings? £90
  • Could you support a multi-generation event where mums, dads and grandparents join Jakub to make some art together making school a ‘whole community’ place? £150

I’d like to help with: £