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Will you help them create more
community peacebuilders?

Kathleen lost her husband to an IRA bomb. Anne and James are former opposing combatants, they grew up in the troubles. Later in life, a Playhouse project enabled these three people to share stories and experience with others they had previously been in conflict with. They are now peacebuilders. Anne, James and Kathleen are keen to develop more peacebuilders, helping them avoid the mistakes of the past, and to spread this message of hope and practical positive action. They create a safe space for shared dialogue to discuss the legacy of the conflict. We can help them. However, your support could make sure they achieve their goal of bringing more people into peacebuilding.

  • Could you pay for someone like Anne, James or Kathleen to have a mentoring session with a younger person to develop their skills and understanding of peacebuilding? £45
  • Could you support a schools Leaders for Peace workshop- bringing ideas and inspiration to up to 30 students? £120
  • Could you support the filming of a new Peace Talk, Ted-style inspirational stories, to share online ensuring the message reaches thousands of people? £200

I’d like to help with: £