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Theatre of Witness

Theatre of Witness

Theatre of Witness is a form of performance, developed by founder and artistic director Teya Sepinuck that gives voice to those who have been marginalised, forgotten or are invisible in society. Their true, life stories, performed by the people themselves, are shared onstage so that audiences can collectively bear witness to issues of suffering, redemption and social justice. Theatre of Witness productions, performed in spoken word, music, movement and film projection, put a face and heart to societal issues of suffering, and celebrate the power of the human spirit to grow and transform.

Teya Sepinuck has been creating Theatre of Witness productions in the United States and Poland since 1986. Performers have included: refugees, immigrants, survivors and perpetrators of domestic abuse, teenage runaways, prisoners and their families, people living in poverty or without homes, families of murder victims, as well as women in transition, teen parents and people in recovery.
Teya has been working at The Playhouse since 2009 with people affected by The Troubles in Northern Ireland / Border Counties.

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Theatre of Witness Documentaries and Films

unspoken love


By Thomas Spiers
Stories of Mixed Marriage in Northern Ireland

This inspirational production performed by two Northern Irish mixed marriage couples, explores issues of sectarianism, family legacy, trauma and love.
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Our lives without you


by Alessia Cartoni

Stories Beyond the Legacy of the Ballymurphy Massacre

Six family members of those killed in the Ballymurphy massacre share their poetic stories about mourning, loss and healing.
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Directed by Declan Keeney
‘Sanctuary' illuminates the stories of those in exile, those seeking safe haven, and those who have created oases of peace and healing in Northern Ireland. The performers include refugee and asylum seekers and providers, as well as those who seek or offer refuge following violence, mental health issues, forced exile, poverty and/or sectarianism. ‘Sanctuary' also highlights moments of ordinary and humble peace building. Sanctuary created and directed by Teya Sepinuck, with music by Brian Irvine toured Northern Ireland in October and November 2013. For a copy of the documentary or to arrange a group showing, contact The Playhouse: at theatreofwitness@derryplayhouse.co.uk.




Directed by Declan Keeney
‘Release', was an original Theatre of Witness production created by Teya Sepinuck with six men who were greatly impacted by the legacy of the Troubles. A former British Soldier, prison governor, detective, two prisoners and a man who was caught in a car bomb as a child share their own stories publicly. This documentary, directed by Declan Keeney further explores the idea that everyone has a past; but should they be defined by it? For a copy of the one hour documentary or to arrange a group showing, contact The Playhouse: at theatreofwitness@derryplayhouse.co.uk.
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The Far Side of Revenge


Directed by Margo Harkin, Besom Productions
‘The Far Side of Revenge' is an award-winning documentary film produced by Besom Productions, directed by Margo Harkin. It follows the creation of ‘I Once Knew a Girl' Theatre of Witness production and has been screened at the Dublin International Film Festival. It won Best Documentary at the Foyle Film Festival and was broadcast on BBC NI during 2013.
For more information, contact margo@besomproductions.co.uk
If you would like to arrange a screening of this film please contact the Playhouse at theatreofwitness@derryplayhouse.co.uk.


I Once Knew a Girl


Directed by Margo Harkin, Besom Productions
"I Once Knew a Girl" is a thirteen-minute series of excerpts and highlights from the original Playhouse Theatre of Witness performance production in Northern Ireland that explores the untold stories of women affected by the Troubles. This film also includes interviews with the cast and director, originally filmed for Margo Harkin's ‘The Far Side of Revenge.' A full performance DVD of the entire production without interviews is available through the Playhouse.
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We Carried Your Secrets


Directed by Declan Keeney
The Playhouse, Theatre of Witness's first original production was "We Carried Your Secrets"with fathers who had been on the front lines during the Troubles, and those in the next generation living with its legacy. The production toured for 14 performances to great acclaim.
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Teya Sepinuck


By Chris McAlinden
Teya Sepinuck, Theatre of Witness Creative Director talks about her life work, the various productions she has created since 1986. This film also looks at three productions which have been created in Northern Ireland since 2009. To find out more about Teya's other work please check out her website on Click Here
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