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Playcraft Live 2017






Playcraft Live was an exciting new project to create the world's first play inside Minecraft!

An amazing team of writers, directors, actors and professional Minecraft builders  created a brand new play and then performed it live inside Minecraft and on stage at The Playhouse Theatre in Derry/Londonderry.

Every set was  built in blocks. Every character was  performed live inside Minecraft by real gamers. Every word of the play was performed live in the theatre by real actors. And you can still watch it online after the global livestream event on 14 October 2017.

What's the story?

Have you heard of TimeRiders? They're a team of time travelling youngsters plucked from the very last moment of their lives to work for a secret agency whose job it is to stop time travellers from the future coming back and changing history!

The play, written by author of the bestselling TimeRiders series Alex Scarrow, is based in the TimeRiders universe. This series of nine books sees the heroes in Ancient Rome, Dinosaur times, World War II and the far future. But, exclusively for Playcraft Live....they've gone back to neolithic times!

When Maddy mistakenly beams Liam back to the time of the caveman and wooly mammoths, he has to use his wits to not only stay alive, but to find a way to get a message across 11,000 years to the present to inform her where, and WHEN he's become stuck! Only then will she be able to beam him back...

How everyone got involved!

Over the summer of 2017 an amazing team of Youtubers found out how to create a play in Minecraft by meeting the best in the theatre business before setting audiences challenges...

The project posted a video of each encounter on the Playcraft Live website and Youtube channel.

In the first video, Amy Lee mets TimeRiders author Alex Scarrow to get tips on writing a play. Alex and Amy asked audiences to invent a joke for the play. Watch here.

Then we join SeaPeeKay as he traveled to the National Theatre in London to meet Katrina Lindsay who designed costumes for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. We asked audiences to  design costumes for our TimeRiders characters! Watch here.

NettyPlays and friends Bigbs4tz, Tomohawk, Caffcast, Mini Muka, and PP Jelly, also travelled to The Playhouse Theatre - home of Playcraft Live - to try making theatre sets in Minecraft with a real-life set-designer. Then audiences were invited to take part in a live online buildathon to create sets for the play in Minecraft on 23 and 24 September. Watch here

Finally, Bigbs4tz and the gang met Art Parkinson who played Rickon Stark in Game of Thrones to try some acting in Minecraft. We released part of the script for the play and asked audiences to act it out and send us the video... Watch here.

Your ideas and responses helped inspire our team and we were delighted to share them with the whole world during the live performance of our play!



Playcraft Live saw this new TimeRiders story come to life on stage at The Playhouse Theatre in Derry/Londonderry and live inside Minecraft, with characters Liam and Bob time travelling between the two!

The whole production was  mixed into a single livestream for the whole world to watch online (on the Playcraft Live website and Youtube channel).

In addition, a number of YouTubers will be given the opportunity of watching the action from inside the Minecraft worlds during the performance, an experience they can share directly with their followers via live images and videos.



Such was the demand, this groundbreaking event in our theatre sold out in just 3 minutes! In response we also arranged for a live screening of the action on the night in our Gallery, so people ccould still be part of the action!

Playcraft Live was an original production by The Playhouse Theatre, Derry/Londonderry, and a team of creatives from the world of Minecraft and beyond, featuring a specially commissioned script by Alex Scarrow. Playcraft Live was commissioned by The Space, which is funded by the BBC and Arts Council England.

Production credits:
Theatre production and direction: Kieran Griffiths (Creative Director, The Playhouse).
Minecraft production and direction: Adam Clarke
Minecraft content created by Hypixel, Blockworks and Dragnoz.
Video content and broadcast production: MakeMatic
Producer: Tony Guillan





Latest news, information and tickets: www.playcraft.live
Twitter: @playcraftlive Instagram: @playcraftlive #playcraftlive
YouTube: Youtube.com/user/playcraftlive
Venue: The Playhouse Theatre and Arts Centre, 5-7 Artillery St, Derry/Londonderry BT48 6RG


Playcraft Live is not an official Minecraft product nor is it approved or associated with Mojang. All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that any Intellectual Property belonging to third parties is credited appropriately.



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