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The following constitutes a breakdown of inhouse productions based at The Playhouse Theatre. For furtherinformation on any of the productions listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us.



ENERGY by Gary Mitchell
Directed by Joe Devlin
Produced by Jonathan Burgess

Set in the early eighties against the backdrop of the hunger strikes, Energy follows the fortunes of a wannabe punk band as they rehearse, bicker and try to get their act together for that all-important first gig.


Spike Dreams

SPIKE DREAMS by Dave Duggan
Directed by Dave Duggan
Produced by Jonathan Burgess

A comedy-drama of a family in crisis. The local textile factory has closed. Tony, the father, Paula, the mother, Johnny and Lauren, the older children, are all redundant. Insecurity and panic set in, but also excitement and opportunity. Everybody has plans, but no one is sure how they'll work out. Only Spike, the youngest, is sure. He is sure an asteroid is about to hit the planet!


FLIGHT by Seamas Keenan
Directed by Lisa May
Produced by Jonathan Burgess

Imagine that Amelia Earhart and her co-pilot Fred Noonan did not, contrary to the popular story, disappear in 1937, but are living in anonymity in present day Derry, to escape from the perils of fame and notoriety. This plays charts an imaginary encounter between Amelia and three republican dissidents in the present day.


the worthless soldier

Directed by James Lecky
Produced by Jonathan Burgess

Based upon the true story of Bernard McGeehan, an Irish soldier executed for desertion during the Great War, The Worthless Soldier charts the trial and the final hours before his execution. A harrowing and uncompromising story of military injustice and indifference - when soldiers were executed to enforce front line discipline and as stark examples to their comrades.



Adapted from the book The Bloody Sunday Inquiry: The Families Speak Out edited by Eamonn McCann.

A powerful and honest portrait of loss and the search for justice, Heroes With Their Hands In The Air, tells the story of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, the longest legal proceedings in British or Irish history. Based on interviews with relatives and survivors of Bloody Sunday the play charts the highs & lows of the family's years of campaigning, their pain, frustration, and persistency, & their experiences of the media spotlight.

‘An intimate and searingly honest account of families torn apart.' Belfast Telegraph

‘A remarkable example of modern Irish political theatre.' Derry Journal

‘Powerful play...the stories it tells are important and moving.' Irish Times


we carried your secrets

Directed by Teya Sepinuck
Produced by Nicky Harley

An emotional, groundbreaking, multi media performance piece, performed by ex combatants who were on the front lines during The Troubles, & family members of the next generation. All the performers told personal stories of The Troubles and portrayed their own journeys of reconciliation, reconnection and healing, thereby creating performances of raw depth, honesty and truth.

"Brilliant performance, hits deep, found it very emotional. As a victim of the troubles myself it was great to hear other stories and to hear people talk of their lives and feelings. I was in the Greysteel shooting in 93 and understood some of what was said and interested in the stories of those who I felt were part of it."

"Oh my God, how very, very powerful. Is this truth not already forgiveness in its most beautiful form. I wish you were in schools, youth groups and 100 other places! I am on a personal and professional journey and your truth has just reminded me of why I am on it. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"It's hard to explain for me in English. It's a really strong story and you tell it in a really good way. I will never forget this. Keep up and be yourself. I'm speechless and that's not happened often. Sire Antonsen, 19 years, Norway"

"That was the most powerful, moving theatre experience of my life. It is the only time that have ever cried in the theatre. I don't know what else to say."


Home Boy Home

HOME BOY HOME by Scott Marshall

The perfect deconstruction of the Irish family, this play explores themes of friendship, loyalty and secrets using a mixture of flashbacks and present day scenes to reveal how the past has impacted lives and unravels comedy and tragedy in equal measure.
The father, a university professor, has died and his family of two daughters and one son return home for the funeral, where they meet the son of their former next door neighbour- a young man they have not seen for almost twenty years.
Scott Marshall has spent his life in theatre as a director, performer, writer, critic, tutor, lecturer and adjudicator.

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Directed by Caitriona McLaughlin
Produced by Jonathan Burgess

"Why would an Irishman join the British Army?...Can there be poetry in the midst of war?"

Still, the Blackbird Sings - Incidents At Ebrington Barracks by Dave Duggan re-invents, in a contemporary style, dramatic events in the life of the poet-soldier Francis Ledwidge.

It finds him and his squad members in Ebrington Barracks asking the questions: "Why return to the front when we have already survived three campaigns?...Can we trick death again?...Should we desert?"

Often referred to as the "poet of the blackbirds", Ledwidge was an Irish patriot and Nationalist, killed in action on the opening day of the Third Battle of Ypres during World War I.

In this exhilarating, entertaining and engaging dramatisation, Ledwidge faces questions relevant to soldiers of this day.

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I once knew a girl

I ONCE KNEW A GIRL by Teya Sepinuck
Directed by Teya Sepinuck

This original multi-media Theatre of Witness production will be performed and created with women whose lives were affected by the Troubles. Based on their true stories, the production explores the lives and roles of women who were; active participants, witnesses, survivors, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, wives and partners. What are these untold stories?
Theatre of Witness is a form of performance developed by founder and artistic director Teya Sepinuck that gives voice to those who have been marginalized, forgotten or are invisible in society. Their true, life stories, performed by the people themselves, are shared onstage so that audiences can collectively bear witness to issues of suffering, redemption and social justice. ‘I once knew a girl...' is the second production created by The Playhouse Theatre of Witness Programme and follows last year's successful tour of ‘We Carried Your Secrets'.

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music makers


A group of actors are being rehearsed by a director who is a martinet and are about to stage a crazy musical. It makes no sense to them and they know it will probably turn out to be a disaster on opening night. So there is always the possibility of a cast mutiny.
Using an experienced, talented and enthusiastic cast and talented musical director Eddie O'Donnell, much loved BBC radio presenter Eamon Friel begins a new chapter in his creative career with this new musical comedy.
Including some of Friel's very best songs for Thran records as well as several new bright, funny, sad, droll and beautiful songs.

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star men

STAR MEN by Seamas Keenan

"Life is full of surprises. Old friends never let you down. First love never dies. We carry our secrets to the grave. Believe all that, and you'll believe anything!"

Thomas, a middle-aged man down on his luck, disillusioned, is content to while away his wasted life in death's waiting-room, listening to music, talking to the radio, and fighting with gangs of teenagers that disrupt his nights.

Who does Billy think he is, turning up at his front door after all this time, begging favours, anxious to rewrite his life story? And that the Hell's he doing, bringing Emma back into Thomas' life?

All soldiers share secrets. That's the nature of violence. What's the big deal about one long forgotten accident in a bloody catalogue of tragedy? You can't be responsible for everything. And sometimes, death can be least of your worries.

In ‘Star Men', the eagerly awaited new play from award-winning writer Seamas Keenan, directed by Tom Doherty, the three old friends confront their shared pasts in a welter of alcohol, vicious recrimination, deceit, powerlessness, ill-concealed desire, and claustrophobic, brutal humour.

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"Anyone who wants to be a songwriter should listen to as much folk music as they can, study the form and structure of stuff that has been around for 100 years. I go back to Stephen Foster" Bob Dylan

Based on the life of the 'father of American popular song', Kind Hearts and Gentle People is a fascinating look at a songwriter who has become the stuff of legend in America, but whose roots begin in Ulster.

Regarded as America's first professional song-writer, Stephen Collins Foster penned some of its earliest and most famous songs, including ‘Oh! Susanna', ‘Hard Times Come Again No More', ‘Old Folks at Home' (‘Swanee River'), ‘My Old Kentucky Home' and ‘Beautiful Dreamer'.

These songs, which all feature in the production, remain popular over 150 years after their composition. His songs have influenced many iconic music legends such as Al Jolson, Bing Crosby, Bob Dylan, John Prine, James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen and Mary Black, all of whom have covered his songs.

He is also one of the North West's forgotten famous sons; his ancestors emigrated from the port of Londonderry in the 18th century.

Written by playwright Peter McDonald [The Green Room, Five Years Time] and directed by Anne McMaster [Sad Silence of Snow, Noir], Kind Hearts and Gentle People is a tale of the triumphs and tragedies that encompass the life and times of a songwriter who, despite passing away over a decade before the invention of sound recording, a long career in music that is still cherished today.

"With its combination of music, humour and history, Kind Hearts and Gentle People is definitely one to watch. The central performance, and the music itself, ensure that Kind Hearts and Gentle People is, in the words of a fellow audience member, a 'lovely experience'." Culture NI

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A new play from the pen of Stan McGowan, which tells the moving story of the death of the young and beautiful Prehen House estate heiress, Miss Mary Ann Knox, who died by the hand of her much older lover, Mr John McNaughten.

Was the fatal shot that killed her and accident, or an act of deliberate intent in order to seek revenge from her overprotective father, whose opposition to their marriage would lead to this most tragic drama?

The story has engrained itself, down through the centuries, into the consciousness of the North West, has finally been brought to the stage. McGowan brings his usual sense of intrigue and mysterious foreboding to the plot.

Set against the background of Ascendency Londonderry two hundred years ago, this stunning production is a perceptive portrayal of Georgian manners... and ill manners!

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'The Wood of the Crows' was restaged by The Playhouse in May 2012 in The Millennium Forum.


RELEASE by Teya Sepinuck
Directed by Teya Sepinuck

This sold out Theatre of Witness production opened to an audience who described the ground breaking performances as "a vital contribution to healing and reconciliation in Northern Ireland".

Described as a production that "leveled the hierarchy of victimhood and crossed the barriers between ‘them and us'", the new production ‘Release' opened at the Playhouse on Thursday 25th October 2012.

The project was performed and created with six men who have each played a different role in Northern Ireland's troubled past. Each one shares the true story about their lives during the Troubles and beyond, discovering extraordinary connections of their shared history.

Audiences heard the evocative stories of a former RUC detective, a former Prison Governor, a former British soldier, two ex-prisoners and a man who had been blown up in a car bomb as a child. In the production each shared his own journey of reconciliation, redemption and healing. The production toured throughout October and November 2012 and may tour internationally during 2013.

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over the wire

OVER THE WIRE by Seamas Keenan
Directed by Kenny Glenaan

It's 1974, rioting prisoners have set fire to Long Kesh jail in Belfast and much of the prison is destroyed.

This new play by multi award winning writer Seamas Keenan, directed by BAFTA award winning Scottish Film & TV Director Kenny Glenaan (Spooks, Wired), follows five prisoners now pitched into a world of violence, paranoia and hunger as they struggle against British soldiers, each other and their own personal demons.

The first of many productions produced by The Playhouse for Derry Londonderry's 2013 UK City of Culture programme, this powerful and captivating play was met with critical acclaim. Following its sell out world premiere at the Playhouse, 'Over the Wire' then toured to the Tron Theatre in Glasgow in May 2013, as the only piece commissioned for the City of Culture programme announced to tour outside of Northern Ireland, and to The Smock Alley Theatre Dublin in February 2015 and The MAC Theatre Belfast in March 2015.

"A GRIPPING, brutal, at times bleakly funny exploration of institutionalism and paranoia" THE SCOTSMAN

"short, sharp and sometimes shocking, with Keenan's script illustrating the pains of confinement with a gimlet-eyed lack of sentimentality devastatingly portrayed by a fine ensemble cast" **** THE HERALD

‘...the production was exceptional... powerful yet provocative... the audience was hooked from the moment they stepped into the unique theatre setting...' **** BELFAST TELEGRAPH

"Keenan's fine line in black comedy shines through the grimness, in what is a powerful and gripping production." Scottish Television (STV.com)

"‘Over The Wire' is perhaps the most captivating theatre commissions Derry has hosted in recent years" Derry Journal

"a play that looks beyond questions of justification and the rights and wrongs of the Northern Irish conflict, to explore instead the loneliness and despair of the individual, caught in a particular moment of history". Irish Theatre Magazine

"Shook the audience off their seats...Such was the calibre of the acting, writing, directing and production....Over The Wire is a must see for anyone interested in modern Irish History" Irish News

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On the Subject of Love

Directed by Catriona McLaughlin

Viewed as the first modern ‘European' and one of the 18th Century's great eccentrics, Bishop of Derry Frederick Augustus Hervey, was a phenomenal Builder, art collector and a notorious womaniser.

Writer and broadcaster Ken McCormack joined forces with esteemed Donegal director Caitríona McLaughlin, best known for her work on the stages of New York and London, for this new commission about 'The Earl Bishop's' life and loves in February 2013.

"Spellbinding... The beguiling tale of the learned lover had each and every member of the Playhouse audience spellbound" **** Belfast Telegraph

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TILLIES by Patsy Durnin
Directed by Nicky Harley

Presented by The Playhouse at The Millennium Forum, 'Tillies' is an affectionate epitaph to the women and men who sewed, sweated, laughed and cried in Derry's shirt factories through the decades, a vivid and emotional portrait of the famous factory and its times.

Opened in 1856, Tillies and Henderson's factory stood for one hundred and forty seven years as a testament to the industrialist William Tillie and to the sewing skills of the factory girls of the city until its eventual demolition in 2003

"Touching... filled with moments of sheer humour" Belfast Telegraph

"an affectionate epitaph... [a] highly personal and authentic account about life in the Tillie and Henderson shirt factory" Culture NI

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RE-ENERGIZE by Gary Michell
Directed by Conall Morrison

With Original Music by John and Damian O'Neill of The Undertones

Written by one of Northern Ireland's leading playwrights Gary Mitchell, ‘Re-energize' is set thirty years after ‘Punk-tastic' success of ‘Energy', where a wannabe punk band rehearsed, bickered and tried to get their act together for that all-important first gig.

Now with music composed by John and Damian O'Neill of The Undertones, and under the direction of the highly esteemed Conall Morrison, the band members re-unite to do one last gig to prove to themselves, each other, their annoying teenage children that they could have been somebody...

"taut, tense and intelligent... Played and sung live, with the volume cranked up to the max, it sounds, well, magic" Irish Theatre Magazine

"Heartwarming and humorous amidst the serious issues, the packed out audience were rocking along with the band as they practiced for their upcoming gig" **** Belfast Telegraph

"a heartwarming, life affirming comedy... Rock on" Irish News

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Click here to read Irish Theatre Magazine review

Re-Energize Toured to The Lyric Theatre in Belfast in September 2013.



the cook

THE COOK by Georgia Rhoades
Directed by Dennis Bohr

In 1725, Cecily Jackson was burned in Derry on a charge of petty treason. Professor at Appalachian State University, USA Georgia Rhoades explores her tragic story.

Inspired by Colm Cavanagh's work on the Derry jail, Georgia has researched the context of Cecily's death for over 10 years, reading about Derry life in the early 18th century, Bishop Nicolson and the history of St. Columb's, servants' lives, civil punishment, 18th century recipes, and customs of the privileged classes in Northern Ireland.

While much is unknown, The Cook is an imaginative treatment of the year before the execution and what led Cecily Jackson to her death.

"Well acted, well conceived, with beautiful composition...very very good" BBC Radio Ulster

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THE CLEARING by Helen Edmundson

Produced in partnership with Dear Conjunction Theatre Company, Paris
Directed by Patricia Kessler

‘The Clearing' is set during the years of the Irish transplantation and the era of Cromwell. All Irish and English settlers who had fought against the Commonwealth were to be dispossessed of their land and banished, on pain of execution, to inhospitable and famine-stricken Connaught.

Robert Preston, a young English Protestant has married Maddy O'Hart, a fiery Irish Catholic. They live happily on Robert's family home in Ireland, until Cromwell's laws threaten not only their happiness, but their lives.

The play is an emotional rollercoaster of love, betrayal, power and class.

"Yet again this little venue by the walls casts its unquivering gaze on the largest of political and historical subjects. Told without flinching, The Clearing is as good a weapon for political theatre as we've come to expect from Artillery Street... this opus is magnificent in scale and scope. Think Irish history told by the RSC" Derry Journal (Click here to read full review)

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Three Monologues

Three Monologues: Twinkletoes, Mustn't Forget High Noon, Christine by Jennifer Johnston

Three monologues written by Jennifer Johnston in response to The Troubles in Northern Ireland.
In Mustn't Forget High Noon the best friend of a young Protestant man, Billy, has just been shot by the IRA. In Christine the wife of Billy and she mourns his violent death at the hands of the IRA. In Twinkletoes the wife of a top IRA prisoner and is looked up to by her community.
These monologues have rarely been performed, and this project is an opportunity to showcase the lesser known dramatic work of one of Ireland's greatest living writers.
This production was performed both in the Playhouse itself, and several on location matinee performances, when the audience were taken to three mystery locations.

"an intense, intriguing evening of quiet drama and sombre reflection, of dry humour and old fashioned values: a satisfying opportunity to showcase three exquisitely constructed but lesser known dramatic works by one of Ireland's most accomplished living writers" Irish Theatre Magazine

"in Jennifer Johnston's Three Monologues, the Playhouse's final offering of the year, it has kept the best to the last" Culture NI

"There is no doubt this was a production that many will talk about, and which will be a highlight for many... I hope that innovative and unique productions like these will continue to come from The Playhouse in 2014 and beyond" Derry Journal.

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All There is

ALL THERE IS By Jonathan Bailie

Directed by J.P. Conaghan
Starring: Nicky Harley, Francis Harkin & Micky Kelly

A woman lying by the roadside. A taxi man does 'the right thing'. At the hospital a nurse catches his eye and the connection is made. But the woman's boyfriend wants to know what really happened. Because nobody touches his girl. He has only one lead - the taxi man. Slowly his paranoia eats away at him. Until finally, he makes a decision...

A world premiere performance of new Northern Irish writing from the company that brought you 'Heroes with their Hands in the Air'.

A teaser for 'All There Is' was first shown at Pick 'n' Mix Festival in June 2012 to a captivated audience at The MAC in Belfast.

"...tense, gripping and darkly funny"
"Left me wanting more"
"Compelling story"
"Very intense, gripped me from the start. Sucked me in... electric ending"



Thirteen Steps

THIRTEEN STEPS by Patsy Durnin

The poignant historical tale of the Derry Workhouse, opened in Glendermott Road in Waterside on 10th November 1840.

This production is the moving story of the poor and destitute people forced to go into the workhouse, where families were separated, where conditions were squalid and cramped, and where 40 people died each month.



Josef Locke

JOSEF LOCKE- A GRAND ADVENTURE by Felicity McCallDirected by Kieran Griffiths

The Playhouse brings the life of Josef Locke to the stage in this unique piece of Music Theatre exploring his life, music and legacy.

Born in 1917 in Derry, Josef Locke sung as a child in local churches, added two years to his age to enlist in the Irish Guards at just 16, and gatecrashed an audition at Dublin's Gaiety Theatre(wearing his RUC uniform) in the 1940's.

Known as The Singing Bobby, Locke established himself as a star of Britain and Ireland's variety halls, becoming one of the highest paid and most popular singers of the 1940's and 50's.

Josef died in 1999, prompting the New York Times to write the headline "JOSEF LOCKE, 82, Irish Tenor Who Inspired Tears, Is Dead."

Esteemed singer Karl McGuckin joined local musicians for an affectionate look at Locke's life, music... and his tax affairs.

Josef Locke- A Grand Adventure was restaged in 2015 and toured to The Millennium Forum, Derry and The Lyric Theatre, Belfast.


"An absolutely wonderful show... a show you just have to go to" BBC Radio Ulster

"McGuckin's vocal performance was nothing short of breath-taking.... There was hardly a dry eye in the house...exactly the right mix of high drama, pathos, comedy and of course music..." Derry Journal

"warm, witty, affectionate and exceedingly talented from start to finish." North West Culture

"‘This biodrama is a meaty examination of a fascinating and flawed genius from the Moor whose sentorious pomp resounded around the world." Londonderry Sentinel




Grimm Tales for Kids

GRIMM TALES FOR KIDS by Peter E Davidson

Directed by Kieran Griffiths

There once was a wonderful building called The Playhouse that decided to throw a night full of treats for kids of all ages. A night full of fairy tales, scary stories, ugly princesses, kid eating witches and things that go "aaaahhhhh! oh lordy, that's my leg!!!"

Some of the greatest fairy tales from the brothers Grimm were given a wonderful irreverent makeover.

There were games, interaction, squelchy things, a lot of laughter and everyone lived happily ever after... except for the ones that got eaten by wolves or soaked to the bone!

Audiences were invited to BRING YOUR RAINCOAT and join writer and performer Peter E Davidson for a night of grisly fairy tales -the perfect Halloween treat for all the family.


"Davidson inhabited the high energy character of Grimm brilliantly - and this is a character which has the potential to become a children’s favourite - not just in Derry but further afield.... As a parent, having endured a number of high priced national children’s tours - this easily stood out about the very best of them... The theatre was full and the feel good factor was on full throttle." Derry Journal




Walking to the Ark

WALKING TO THE ARK by Carlo Gébler

Directed by Kieran Griffiths

The mid 1660s. Charles II is the king of Britain and Ireland. Thomas Whitney, a professional soldier in the Irish army, fathers a child by his mistress, Martha.

Twenty-five years later Colonel Whitney finds himself inside Derry during the 1689 siege when his son, a Jacobite, arrives in the city, a prisoner.

In this brand new piece, Irish writer Carlo Gébler explores both the horrible choices wars force individuals to make, as well as the ingenious way Whitney and his son, Nicholas, manage to make common cause.

A legacy commissioned new play.

"a taut and compelling play that explores themes of love and dissembling and need and desperation. It is written with compassion and beauty and acted with fragile control, with a fantastic set that demonstrates the forces dragging at the characters" Irish News (Click here to read the full review)

"The Playhouse pushes the boundaries of theatre once again with this year's Legacy commission 'Walking to the Ark'- staged with great creative flair by a team at the top of their game" Derry Journal

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doris day

AN EVENING WITH DORIS DAY AND GORDON MACRAE by Kieran GriffithsThe Lifetime Achievement Series...

Starring Alex Sharpe and Karl McGuckin

The era of romance as Hollywood's golden couple Doris Day and Gordon MacRae reunite on stage to tell the story of their lives.

A treat for the eyes and the ears, audiences fall in love with the infallibly seductive sounds of the 1950 in this stunning new piece of musical theatre.

A night to remember featuring the beautiful bass baritone voice of Karl McGuckin and star of musical theatre Alex Sharpe.

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bag for life

BAG FOR LIFE by Colin Bateman

"What are we to make of the men of violence whose time has been and gone, and who have settled into both civil and civilian life? Is there any reason at all to suppose that their capacity for murder has somehow drained away, or will it always be there, like a lining of grease and fat lurking in their mental plumbing?"

Award winning novelist and screenwriter Colin Bateman's second stage play asks the question, can forgiveness overcome the want for revenge in 21st century Northern Ireland?

Commissioned as a legacy project for Derry Londonderry's 2013 UK City of Culture, this powerful and captivating play is laced with the blackest of humour, and received a hugely successful script in hand reading at the Open House Festival in Bangor, 2015 before its world Premiere in The playhouse in April 2016.


Winner Best One-Person Show and Best Female Performance in a Drama (Waterford News & Star Green Room awards).
Nominee, Best Professional Play (Waterford News & Star Green Room awards).

"a raw, powerful and no-holds-barred journey through the deepest, darkest emotions we have all...Bag for Life will stir the darkest recesses of the Northern Irish soul" Irish News

"a play which transcends political ideologies or aspirations, class territories or clan warfare. Addy delivers a tour-de-force in her eighty minute monologue" Culture NI

"Avant-garde production" Examiner.com

"one of the strongest pieces of theatre ever produced in Derry.... believable, near the knuckle in places, entertaining and disturbing....
...an exceptional piece of theatre that will stay with the audience long after the house lights have come back up and the seats have emptied
...." Derry Journal

"Intense, realistic and filled with mountains of black humour" PastieBap.com

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Directed by Kieran Griffiths

Featuring the fantastic Orla Mullan (Josef Locke - A Grand Adventure) as the divine Miss M herself.

Featuring such smash hits as From a Distance and Wind Beneath My Wings, this new music piece of theatre received standing ovations when it premiered at The Playhouse earlier this year.

She's feisty, she's naughty and she's got a voice full to the brim with character and beauty.

An intimate look at Bette's life, loves and laughs through story and song.

"Orla Mullan and Bette Midler are one and the same... she had us laughing, crying, one minute clapping along the next in total silence" Belfast Times

"Mullan excelled from start to finish...Hell, she's good... She's brilliant at every turn. there wasn't a sound to be heard except her voice. Exquisite. Orla Mullan excels as a performer to heights beyond which most can only dream of reaching, with this show. This lady is talented in unimaginable ways." North West Culture Gal

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Playcraft Live was an exciting new project to create the world's first play inside Minecraft!

An amazing team of writers, directors, actors and professional Minecraft builders created a brand new play and then performed it live inside Minecraft and on stage at The Playhouse Theatre in Derry/Londonderry.

Every set was built in blocks. Every character was performed live inside Minecraft by real gamers. Every word of the play was performed live in the theatre by real actors. And audiences can still watch it online after the global livestream event on 14 October 2017.

The play, written by author of the bestselling TimeRiders series Alex Scarrow, is based in the TimeRiders universe.

The whole production was mixed into a single livestream for the whole world to watch online (on the Playcraft Live website and Youtube channel).

Playcraft Live was an original production by The Playhouse Theatre, Derry/Londonderry, and a team of creatives from the world of Minecraft and beyond, featuring a specially commissioned script by Alex Scarrow. Playcraft Live was commissioned by The Space, which is funded by the BBC and Arts Council England.Playcraft Live was subsequently showcased in a UK wide a report by DCMS (Department for Culture, Media & Sport) which considers how culture and technology can work together to drive audience engagement, unleash the creative potential of technology and boost the capability of cultural organisations. Playcraft was highlighted for its groundbreaking work within this report, which also featured a second project The Playhouse was involved with the National Theatre in London and several other UK venues, "We're here, because we're here". Click to read the full report

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by Liam Campbell
Directed by Kieran Griffiths

"They partitioned Ireland in 1921 didn't they? Well I'm partitioning this flat in 1976!"

Fate and a couple of failed marriages have crashed two men together under the same roof in the Rossville Flats in the midst of The Troubles - in what can only be described as the mismatch of the century.

Inspired by Neil Simon's classic script ‘The Odd Couple', this brand new laugh out loud comedy follows Oscar Meenan and Felix Young- both "Bogside men" - one a Catholic and one a Protestant; one is an easy-going, slob and one an obsessive perfectionist preoccupied with neatness.

Audiences joined them in the Bogside in 1976 to find out if true friendship can overcome all in this riotous study in bitter-sweet disharmony.

"Terrific ...a riotous gag-fest and dramatically funny" Dave Duggan, headstuff.org

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monk bird priest


by Liam Campbell
Directed by Kieran Griffiths

Set in the 1950s, The Monk, The Bird, and the Priest tells the story of life, education, mercy and malice in a Catholic Boys' College in Ireland. 

For some of the pupils their schooldays are the making of them, for others they are a living and crushing hell. For the established order of the ecclesiastical teaching staff, the chief tormenter of whom is nicknamed The Bird, no humiliation, no beating, no mental torture is too savage in the righteous shaping of their wards.
But for one principled priest, Father Jude Connolly, every day presents an opportunity to offer a resistance against the ruthless and established regime, and a chance to shine a little Grace and replenishing light into the lives of these Catholic boys.
Based upon the first-hand accounts and real-life experiences of former pupils, this dramatic exploration of life in an Irish Catholic College in the fifties is by turn, moving, harrowing, inspiring and bejewelled with moments of dark comedy.

"Brave.... Really really powerful... Excellent performances by everyone...there's a universality about this experience..."
Freya McClements Arts Show, BBC Radio Ulster

"The choreography and the fluid movement of the cast on stage, turning courtyards into classrooms, with only painted boxes for props sent me back to the nervous energy felt by me in my school days during maths class...an extremely professional production" emerdblog.com

Audience response

Brilliant! The hairs stood on the back of my neck
rilliant play, intense and emotional. Hit a nerve and took me back...”

Powerful play. Acting was brilliant. I was very emotional at times throughout imagining what those poor boys endured at the hands of cruel men.

Harrowing, hard-hitting & heart-wrenching. Superb script & exceptional cast. Some very disturbing & upsetting scenes. Hat's off to Liam Campbell for writing & releasing brutal truths of Church and school... Go see it!

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Albino Parts


by Liam Campbell
Directed by Kieran Griffiths

“I wake up every day worried.  I fear that things that should not be normal will become so”- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

An imagined country in the not too distant future. Men, women and children are detained with due process of law.  “Visitors” are presumed terrorists, used as prostitutes and treated as slaves.

Toddlers are torn from their mothers’ arms at arbitrary border crossings, refugees deported back to certain death and torture, thousands drowning in the oceans, hundreds of thousands scrabbling for food in vast concentration camps.

And most of the individuals who implement the policies of their political masters are ordinary, decent folk, not too dissimilar to the rest of us.   

A powerful and gripping new drama from Award winning writer Seamas Keenan, ‘Albino Parts’ is set in a very possible and near dystopian future where the abnormal is shockingly normal.

Audience Response

"Very Powerful"
"Fantastic show... Very gripping"

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A story of murder, greed, corruption, violence, exploitation, adultery and treachery.

Featuring Broadway hits such as All That Jazz, Mister Cellophane and The Cell Block Tango, this production is not to be missed.

Set in the legendary city during the roaring “jazz hot” 20s, Chicago tells the story of two rival vaudevillian murderesses locked up in Cook County Jail. Nightclub star Velma’s serving time for killing her husband and sister after finding the two in bed together. Driven chorus girl Roxie’s been tossed in the joint for bumping off the lover she’s been cheating on her husband with. 

Not one to rest on her laurels, Velma enlists the help of prison matron Mama Morton and slickster lawyer Billy Flynn, who turn Velma’s incarceration into a murder-of-the-week media frenzy, thus preparing the world for a splashy showbiz comeback. But Roxie’s got some of her own tricks up her sleeve…

Directed by Kieran Griffiths  |  Musical Director: Maurice Kelly  |  Choreography: Nadine Hegarty


“A must see show. Fabulous, fabulous fabulous” Audience reaction

“What a show! Take a bow everyone… A joy from start to finish” Audience reaction

“Absolutely breath-taking, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Every minute and every word said or song sang, unbelievable” Audience reaction

"Enough energy to power the city" Audience reaction

"Fabulous! Broadway worthy. I lived in Manhattan for years & attended many Broadway shows. I am amazed at the local talent. Some stars are born here!!" Audience reaction


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Or here for the show programme

Rehearsal photos




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