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To create community, celebrate diversity and empower people through the arts. 
To deliver creative, innovative and accessible Theatre, Arts, Education and Peace Building programmes that enrich the lives of the people we serve.
Community, Creativity, Quality, Sustainability 
Our Personality
Open, Engaging, Challenging
The Difference We Make
People are making meaning together creatively, peacefully and with hope
Our Ways of Working
·     We are enablers of people
·     We seek to uncover true stories
·     Our approach can be described as a journey towards positive change:
·     Listening → thinking →  testing ideas  →  resource gathering  →  action
·     We develop ideas, themes and stories together through collaboration. 
·     We prioritise those ideas, themes and stories that can be recursive, are sustainable, look outwards and can be explored from multiple perspectives; that provide a focal point to connect across our areas of work and with different people. 
·     We ask why we want to develop an idea, theme or story and why it is important now. We want to know what difference we hope it can make and what people involved feel about it
Current Roles
·     Fostering greater community wellbeing.
·     Creating educational and developmental pathways for people.
·     Growing peace and social justice.
·     Producing and presenting theatre, music, and the arts.
·     Being a creative hub and community resource, a studio and workshop, a place where you can play
·     A place that is oriented towards transformative social change.
·     Encouraging people to find their own voice, through their own stories and to be heard.
·     Encouraging pooling resources for mutual benefit.
And Priorities
·     Engaging with new and diverse communities
·     Arts & Health
·     Empowering Young People
·     Building cultural commons
·     Growing a cultural democracy 
·     Supporting positive climate action
·     Contributing to the journey towards a peaceful civic society 
·     Growing and supporting communities and collectives of creative practitioners  
The important civic moments we are working towards as pivotal opportunities for change:
·     2022:        The 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday 
·     2022-23:   The 30th anniversary of The Playhouse 
·     2023:        The 25th anniversary of The Good Friday Agreement
·    2023-24:   The 10th anniversary of UK City of Culture in Derry~Londonderry & beyond