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Booking Blues - Having Trouble Booking From Our Site?

We've recieved a message or two that some people have been having issues booking directly from the website. We apologise for any inconvenience and we hope to have this issue rectified as soon as possible, In the meantime If you're having an issue on...
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"Grimm 2" - An amazing Halloween treat for kids!

"Grimm 2: Electric Bookaloo" opens this week at The Playhouse. The Grimm fairy tales as been a big hit with kids over the past two years and so we're delighted to welcome him back with a brand new show and three new fairy tales given Grimm's unique s...
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Some Amazing Reviews for Kabosh's Green & Blue

Kabosh's "Green & Blue" directed by Paula McFetridge opens at The Playhouse theatre on Saturday the 5th of November. Its been amassing some great reviews so it is one not to miss. Belfast Telegraph - Grania McFadden"Higgins and Doran give engag...
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‘Bag for Life' by Colin Bateman is back!

Karen is mid-thirties, married with a young child. Karen has just bumped into a man in Tescos- the man who shot her brother in the face 30 years earlier. What does she do? What would you do? ‘Bag for Life' by Colin BatemanSpace - New theatre...
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New Playhouse Arts project for fathers and babies

    The Playhouse's FAB new project for fathers and babies! A new creative arts project for fathers and their children will start at The Playhouse this weekend.The Playhouse Father and Baby Project (FAB) is designed to provide a creati...
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The Big Tickle Comedy Festival is back!

The Very Perry Show, Tim McGarry and Ghostbusters....Retro! The Playhouse Big Tickle comedy festival will celebrate 12 years of comedy gold this month with Tim McGarry, Wireless Mystery Theatre, and The Threepenny Opera!This year's festival has a lo...
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