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Saturday Art Club

Design Den

The Playhouse is proud to announce the return of the Saturday Art Club - 'Design Den'!

Our famous Saturday Art Club will feature a series of art workshops exploring different art themes, art history and teach budding artists an array of unique, creative art skills.

Classes will take place on Saturdays from 11am to 1pm for 7-11 year olds. From Saturday 1 November 2014, running for 6 weeks.

For further information and booking please contact the box office on 028 71 268027.

design den  design den

First Call Youth Theatre

First Call


If you are a budding performer between 16 to 25 years of age and want to learn the craft of acting, improvisation and performance skills in a fun environment, then this Youth Theatre Company is for you.

Participants will work towards a final showcase in various aspects of performance. If you can sing - great, if you can play a musical instrument - great, if you think you can act - great - we want to hear from you.

Starting October 2014  at The Playhouse, First Call Youth Theatre will meet every Tuesday evening, from 6pm - 9pm. First Call Youth Theatre training is accredited through Open College Network and members will receive accredited Certificates in Performance at Level 3.

First Call offers those taking part a great opportunity to learn the craft of acting and improvisation through a variety of performance skills activities. It promises to be fun, whilst helping to develop your confidence.

Contact The Playhouse on 02871 268027 for more information.

First Call

Regular Classes at The Playhouse


DERRY PLAYHOUSE WRITERS meet at The Playhouse every Wednesday from 1pm - 4pm and offer a series of workshops, drop-in classes and masterclasses.
Contact: www.derryplayhousewriters.org


MARY HILL SCHOOL OF BALLET holds regular classes every Friday (3pm - 8pm) and Saturday (9am - 1pm).
Contact 028 7132 9005 or email victoria@maryhillschoolofballet.co.uk


SCOIL RINCE CATHAIR NA MBALLAI: THE WALLED CITY SCHOOL OF DANCE meets every Tuesday from 5.30pm - 7.30pm under the instruction of Michaela Temple TCRDM. Irish dancing for fun and exercise as well as competition.
Contact 028 7135 1895 / 07749 967 841 or email michaela1@hotmail.com.


TAI CHI A gentle way to get fit and into shape without the ‘burn' Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese art designed to improve co-ordination, relieve stress and strengthen joints and muscles. Classes taught by Frances O'Kane every Monday 6.15-7pm (beginners) and 7.30- 8.30pm from Monday 14th September 2015. Cost £3.
Contact: 028 7126 8027.


CLASS ACT SCHOOL OF SPEECH AND DRAMA Every Friday 4.30pm - 6pm. Feis work, Grade examinations, boost your confidence and have lots of fun!
Contact: Loretta 0791 999 2662 / Brenda 0775 326 7982.


PLAYHOUSE PAINTERS based around the Alily Foyle ethos - Active learning in later years, this group is targeted towards retired people interested in shared creativity. There is a therapeutic element to the creative process and it provides the opportunity for individuals to meet and share ideas and experiences. Every Tuesday and Wednesday 2-4pm.
Contact: 028 71 268027.


THE JAMMHOUSE An innovative music project offering young and emerging talent the opportunity to showcase their music at a series of sofa sessions in the hope of securing a live music spot at one of the ever popular regular live music nights at The Playhouse.
Contact thejammhouse@hotmail.co.uk or www.facebook.com/thejammhouse.

creative path

THE CREATIVE PATH Awakening your Authentic Self through creativity. Do you feel as if there is never enough time to create new opportunities for change in your life? Do you feel it's a time of transition or you're at a cross-roads in life? Do you think it's too late to follow a Dream? Why not take part in a series of highly enjoyable workshops that look at the creativity inherent in each of us which very often gets blocked and for many gets interrupted by the challenges of modern day living. Follow a path to develop your creativity through a programme that inspires spontaneity, imagination and fun using Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way as a toolkit.

The classes are devised to help you gain practical techniques for improving your creativity through experiment and discussion. Awaken your enthusiasm and passion, reclaim your creative potential, boost your creative confidence and challenge your negative chatter box. Explore why intuition, play and daydream¬ing are essential to innovation.

From Wednesday 14th January 2015 from 7pm til 9pm. The course is led by Ursula McHugh, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Creative Facilitator. Enquiries re further details please contact Ursula on 07813124126 or Email: mchugh.ursula78@gmail.com.


SO MUCH MORE THAN YOGA CLASSES Thursdays 10.30am to 12pm from Thursday 15th January 2015. Ease yourself into the day and give your mind and body a gentle awakening! These classes will introduce you to gentle stretches, breathing and relaxation techniques as well as meditation and affirmations. The practice of Yoga helps to increase body awareness, flexibility and energy. It improves posture, enhances the quality of your breathing and reduces stress. Above all it will enhance your overall feelings of optimism and wellbeing!

The class is suitable for complete beginners and students with some experience, regardless of age, gender and fit¬ness level. You are very welcome to come along, the environment is warm, friendly and welcoming. Wear loose comfortable clothing. Yoga mats will be provided.

Testimonial:'This is so much more than yoga' says one Participant. It's about integrating Yoga into everyday life, relaxation and mindfulness, comfort and nurturing. Its affects are positive and uplifting and remain with you long after the class is over.

For further information please contact Ursula McHugh resident Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Yoga Teacher Mobile 07813124126 Email: mchugh.ursula78@gmail.com


foyle camera club

FOYLE CAMERA CLUB was established to provide an environment for local photographers to improve their photographic skills. Welcomes photographers of all levels and from all age groups.Meets every Wednesday between 7pm and 9pm from Wednesday 3rd September 2014 to Wednesday 17th December 2014, (no meeting Wednesday 29th October for Hallow'een.
Contact foylecameraclub@gmail.com

The Honey Pot Dance Company


Raw Cacao Ceremony with Soul Dance
The Cacao plant is one of the world's most powerful facilitators for inner work. This powerful ingredient allows you to get out of your own way, to remove density build-up in the body and make room for who you really are. Exchange the cycle of drama, pain and struggle for a life with more fun, energy, power, light, love, play and healing.
After the ceremony we will Soul Dance to allow you to fully unleash your potential as a divine being through authentic, organic movement and dance. We use movement, music, essence and colour to bring awareness to each of our seven main Energy Centres of the body, known as the Chakra system. The Playhouse Dance Studio, Saturdays 3:30-5:30pm on 21st March, 4th April, 16th May, 30th May, 13th June, 27th June (arriving by 3:15).

The Burlesque form of dance has been around since the 17th century, even earlier in literacy terms and has been applied retrospectively in works of Shakespeare and Strauss. Burlesque as we know it today is known for its clothes dropping acts that usually involve the use of props, dialogue or song.
Burlesque at Honey Pot endeavours to invoke a sense of self, creativity and passion with the use of movement and dance to help us find our true essence. Burlesque is suitable for women of all ages, it'll be a class full of sparkle and delight designed to treat your body to luscious moves and your soul to its homecoming.
The Honey Pot Dance Company is based at The Playhouse, Artillery Street, Derry.
Classes run on the following Saturdays from 2-3pm
21st March, 4th April, 16th May, 30th May, 13th June, 27th June. £5 - no booking required. Dress comfortably and get ready to sparkle!!!

You can contact Melissa by email at thehoneypotdancecompany@gmail.com or visit their Facebook page.



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